• What is the product or the best agent to help you enjoy …..?

    Answer by greengirl148
    try bleach, Wolite, etc.

    above is the best answer.

    Have bleach your white clothes and not harm them. Guess everyone enjoys wearing clean white clothes Bmiohdam its suppose to be white and hate it when it changes color, then ladies and gentlemen, what is the product / agent Bleach clothes.Thankxx It

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    3 thoughts on “What is the product or the best agent to help you enjoy …..?

    • wnw436 says:

      Put a scoop of Oxy Clean any load. It helps, or if it’s completely white, use bleach, which always works.

    • Mr. G says:

      The correct answer is Cascade dish detergent

    • Nubian King taken by *Bossy* says:

      What I use is Oxy Clean and bleach, but not together. What I do is soak a load of whites in Oxy clean for about an hour. Then I’ll finish the cycle. After completing the cycle then I’ll start a new one with just regular detergent and bleach. Again I will let the load soak for an hour or even more. After the cycle is over you will see the difference. It’s all Blhsharot

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