• Wrist tattoo? How can I reduce the pain?

    Im getting my first tattoo! I want it on the inside of me wrist. Ima sook but really want it. I know they hurt but is there anyway of reducing the pain. . . I dont want to take pain killers.

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    10 thoughts on “Wrist tattoo? How can I reduce the pain?

    • Sydney says:

      dont get it then. use henna. there is no way to make it go away. thats what u get for getting one

    • kayakdudeus says:

      Most companies will not hire people with visable tattoos. You can have them as long as you have them covered so the customer can’t see them. So a wrist tatoo is going to limit your job options forever.
      No getting around THAT pain.

    • wifebeater says:

      I agree with the whole “Bad placement” idea. I have been wanting one for a gazillion years now, but due to the fact that i dont know where my career is going to take me i am holding back for now.

      Just keep that in mind, im not here to preach.

      Anyway, there is no way to reduce the pain, the most pain you will feel will ONLY be mostly when the tattoo is being done. After that, it will only feel like a really really bad sunburn. If you touch it or bump into it, its going to sting. IT will not hurt as bad afterwards, trust me, you will think the pain from bumping into the tattoo afterwards will be far less than the pain from when ti was being done. :)

    • megleg88 says:

      I have one there and honestly it didnt hurt me at all. . take a few tylenol before if u want. otherwise dont be a baby and just get it done.

    • Jennifer D says:

      I just got a wrist tattoo a couple weeks ago. If you’re a girl, it is extremely easy to hide with a bracelet.
      It didn’t hurt. . it was irritating, but your mind sort of gets used to the pain. The outline hurt more than the coloring part. .

    • SXI BLK QUEEN says:

      Look away and breath take deep breaths. . . It like you have to psych your self out. I did the same when I got mine on my foot. . . I psyched myself out and didn’t really feel any pain.

    • tribal_celtic_sun says:

      You can’t do anything for the pain except deal with it. . . There are no “miracle” drugs to help with that part. . & quite frankly, if you take pain killers before having it done, the tattoo artist shouldn’t even do it. . . You need to be SOBER, nothing to hinder your judgement at all when having it. . . Pain is just part of the beautiful process. . . Plus after a few minutes it all normally goes numb anyways

    • andy543321 says:

      I have a few tat’s myself, the pain is not that bad and goes away after being poked by a constant needle for a few minutes, by the time it is done it feels like a weird sun burn. Word to the wise, I would not plan on doing any big activities after it is finished, most likely your body will need to heal and you will sleep hard by the time the night is done.

    • eliot says:

      i wouldn’t take anything. it’s not that bad. but if you wanted you could always take ibuprofen beforehand.

    • Evita Ardoin says:

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