• Would a tattoo hurt on the back of your calf?

    I only want a little symbol, but will it hurt on the back of my lower leg? My calf.

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    21 thoughts on “Would a tattoo hurt on the back of your calf?

    • Bandaloop Doctor says:

      it will hurt anywhere you get it done.

    • gena says:

      AAAAAaaaaaaaghhhh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . seriously no pain no gain!!! Actually it isn’t that bad.

    • Angela says:

      Not too bad. It’s flabby and not too sensitive so that’s probably one of the least painful places to get a tattoo.

    • J J says:

      yeah, does it hurt using a needle to pin you anywhere?

    • surlyredhead says:

      It will be uncomfortable while they are doing it, I wouldn’t say painful.
      I have one around my wrist that took an hour to do, it was borderline painful, but not to bad, and it only hurts once. Good luck.

    • gerboaboy says:

      A tattoo hurts anywhere hun. You are talking about driving a needle into your skin over and over thousands of times. Have you ever had a shot?

    • Christopher says:

      No matter where you get it done your going to have some pain. Each person is different in the amount of pain they can take. What might hurt a lot for you to me it would be nothing at all.

      Just go for it and you’ll be happy you did!

    • kokeylynn says:

      well if its a little one, it shouldn’t hurt as much.
      i remember a boy getting one, and his calf got locked up, the needle was stuck. but he got his whole calf done though

    • yellow_tofu says:

      thats not s good place for a girl to get a tattoo, unless you are fatty.

    • harkant_vicky says:

      it will hurt ,,,but the pleasure u will get will cover it for all

    • Dita K says:

      a tattoo hurts no matter where you get it at

    • Mr. Truculent. says:

      IF YOU ARE pretty don’t get a tattoo, it wont rub off and they look gross. This country (UK) is full of fat slags with tattoos. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • rachel says:

      It depends how brave your calf is, although I wouldn’t go around tattooing innocent animals.

      What have you got against cows anyway?

    • Pollin p says:

      Mine didn’t,But i have a good pain barrier,you’ll b ok go 4 it.

    • jar2177 says:

      You could most likely compare it to someone flicking you rather hard with a rubber band over and over and over. Your calf is a very think and meaty part of your body therefore its going to hurt less than if you were to get it on a more bony area, like your ribs or shoulder blades. If you decide to go ahead and get it, DO NOT drink alcohol or take any pain medication (anything that will thin your blood) before you go. You’ll bleed more, diluting the inks color and making it fade and look older quicker.

    • cobaka says:

      i have a pretty big one on my calf, and towards the bottom of the tattoo i couldn’t even feel it, but towards the top the pain shot up the back of my knee, very uncomfortable. i wanted to stop so bad! but it’s probably the second least painful place i’ve gotten a tattoo.

      btw, i dunno who has “flabby” calves, that’s kinda weird. and i’m quite thin, and i love how my tattoo looks on me, so i don’t understand the person who said it would only look good on larger people, either.

      short answer- doesn’t hurt all that bad.

    • harley51185 says:

      It does not hurt that much on the back of the calf, however, the closer to the Achilles tendon you get, the pain will definitely increase. When I was getting that area tattooed i could feel the vibration of the needle running up and down my leg. Pain is only momentary, remember that.

    • nosteaks says:

      the pain scale depends on the thickness of the skin. They thicker the skin, the less pain you’ll be in, because the epidermis has more layers and no vascularity. The back of the calf shouldn’t be TOO bad, but the eyelids might be a little more painful. Ask the tattoo artist, they know best.

    • netoe says:

      All tattoos Hurt. It all depends on the person receiving the tattoo.

    • TOO CUTE FOR U says:


    • back pain says:

      I missed these posts. I also spy Julia hall with AJ in the right photo. Great shot.

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