• Why do people call a lower back tattoo a tramp stamp?

    what does it mean? i know its a tattoo on the bottom of someones back but why do people call it a tramp stamp

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    19 thoughts on “Why do people call a lower back tattoo a tramp stamp?

    • y0_jordan says:

      havent you seen wedding crashers?
      “its like a bullseye”

    • Freeeeezing ! says:

      Cause the only ppl to see it would be yourself. . . and someone you would want to look near your bum. . . . . .

      i think that’s the reason. . . i have heard that b4. . . . i

    • Emma Dudee...=] says:

      If it shows. . it looks like something a tramp might stamp to her arse. .



      Hopee Thiss Helpps. .

      Ox. . . JinX

    • Wuzza says:

      Where I’m from people call it a ‘slag tag’ because it is supposed to be the place where the ‘slaggy’ girls get tattoos done.
      I’m guessing tramp stamp is a similar kind of thing.

    • thunder2sys says:

      because only a tramp (trashy woman) would get one there.

    • johndehaura says:

      Someone told me that a lot of street girls/prostitutes/pornography workers tend to have tattoos in such an area, on the lower back.

    • KayBabe says:

      There meaning that girls that get tattoos on a sexy part of there body i. e. lower hip, lower back, breast etc. is trampy. And a tattoo is permantent so it got called a stamp.
      So somewhere along the line someone with nothing better to do decided to call it a tramp stamp.
      You are not a tramp, the tattoo is if you no what i’m meaning.
      Don’t take offense to it.

    • boojumuk says:

      The only reason I can think of for a girl to get a lower back tattoo is so the guy has something pretty to look at while they’re doing it doggy style.

    • angelgirl says:

      slang term referring to a girl who has a tattoo on lower back . says she’s easy. not true just something someone thought up and it caught on I guess

    • Info Sponge says:

      It’s called a tramp stamp because it’s considered slutty (aka tramp).
      And if you have stamped (tattooed) yourself there, and other people can see it, then they’ll know you’re slutty.

      It’s not necessarily true, but that is why it is called a tramp stamp.

      So the cliche is that girls who have their lower backs tattooed are going to be easier to get to bed.

    • veritas vos liberabit says:

      In Scotland it’s a ” Slag Tag” because lot of the girls who what them are cheap and slutty. . .

    • sharla j says:

      it makes ppl look towards your crack. . . it is usually a guys way of saying that girls are easy if they have this tattoo

    • mmk_now says:

      because it is sexually attractive to most men. it is something to look at when they are going at it from behind. so if you are attracting all these guys because of it girls tend to look at you as like a tramp. the tramp stamp is also referred to as a “hoe tag” ntohign worng with them though in my opinion I think they can be cute, when it is tastefully done.

    • coldhearted says:

      i think tramp stamps are one of the best tattoos for a girl to get next to the ribs an hip. . . . . i think a girl prolly started calling it a tramp stamp cause her boyfriend cheated on her with a girl who had one an said he liked her tattoo so she got mad an so on. . . . ha sounds good

    • amyxmarissa88 says:

      This is something that is considered “sexy” (not to me, ew). . . If you’re wearing a short shirt, you can see it. It looks slutty basically.

      And I call it a tramp stamp personally because it’s permanent. And when you’re older and wrinkly, it will look like you’re still trying to be “sexy”. yuck.

    • Amy says:

      Let me guess. . . You just watched eastenders?

    • Lifeless Energy says:

      I also know it as a B!tch Brand and Tart Mark.

      I think it’s because it became so common, and probobly to do with prostitutes aswel.

    • shadey cat says:

      It’s because they are trashy. Someone would only want a tattoo there if they want that part of their body to be noticed

    • killme.69 says:

      probably because lots of chavs and trampy people get it. . .
      personally i dont think its elligant. .

      n like tongue piercings lots of ewww people get it done n kill the look u get me lol?

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