• Which arm should I tattoo, right or left?

    Well I’m getting a dragon done with chinese characters stating strength, honor, and wisdom. Now I am a righty. Now my question is for the catholics and christians. I am roman catholic and I heard a rumor about doing the sign of the cross with your right hand and having a tattoo is bad? Is this true? My other thing is I also heard that the face of the picture should not be facing your back. Anyone else know any other superstitions?

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    10 thoughts on “Which arm should I tattoo, right or left?

    • mohammed k says:

      left every one gets it on the right

    • r_to_the_a says:

      which everone you want it makes no difference

    • cute & petite says:

      left cause i got mines on the left. lol. no for real if you are right handed, get it on the left

    • roritr2005 says:

      I like the left, that is where I put my puppy paws. Good luck!!!

    • jalayna f says:

      all depends on your job if you are right handed you get the left done and if you are right then you get the left hand. For me I did my left because I use my right the most and it cause no attention all. I had my tattoo’s for years and people have not notice my left until they see my right shoulder then they ask how many tattoo’s do you have and then I will show them. so take that into consideration

    • bin there dun that says:

      Where on earth did you hear about blessing yourself with a tatoo on the same arm is bad? What happens. . . the tatoo frys your arm or something?

      The truth in Catholism is tough enough to take these days – don’t fret over your rumours.

    • sweetgirli83 says:

      i chose my right because im right handed idk

    • Brittney l says:

      no the right

    • Shredsledder1389 says:

      There are no superstitions about the face of a tattoo going towards the back, don’t worry about it. And don’t ask anyone where to put it, you’re the one who hasto see it everyday, so don’t bother asking others.

    • elyce c says:

      as far as the tattoo facing backwards its true no tattooist would tattoo it backwards unless they are dodgy a tattoo should always face forward im pretty sure it represents your life going forwrds and not backwards

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