• What ways can you stop a tattoo itching?

    When I get mine how soon will it start itching and how do you resist yourself from touching it?

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    12 thoughts on “What ways can you stop a tattoo itching?

    • asouzza2 says:

      do not make one in first place.

    • steph meyers says:

      It will start itching and irritating once the bandage has been on for a while due to the moisture that surrounds and encloses the oxygen from getting in. Because your skin can’t breathe, it will kinda irritate like it does when you bandage areas of your body after you get a bruise/wound. You won’t be able to resist but since the area will be covered, any time you need to scratch it, DON’T, but you can slightly tap the area. It will make you feel better. Don’t use your nails or anything other than the motion and tips of your four fingers from index to pinky. Remember, pat or tap, nothing more!

    • it's me says:

      The itching is all part of the healing process. I have always slapped my tattoos when the skin has started to itch, that’s what i would recommend, never scratch!

    • __A_YAHOO_USER__ says:

      Just slap it, the pain of the slap will take the itch away. Another usefull hint I received was spray rubbing alcohol on it, it will get rid of the itch and keep it sanatized at the same time

    • Marissa says:

      It will probably start itching after the second or third day of the healing process. As long as you keep a very small amount of the tattoo ointment (The artist gives you some) on it and it stays moist, you should be fine. You only use the ointment for the first week or so though. After that, get unscented lotion and gently put it on the tattoo. If you keep lotion on the healing tattoo at all times there really shouldn’t be a problem with itching or scabbing. It it does start to itch, just deal with it. If you scratch it, it will mess it up and you wouldn’t want that.

    • Butterfly! says:

      i figured that slapping where it itches works best!!

    • Lo ♥♥♥ says:

      Vaseline is used for a wide variety of skin problems and i would recommend this for your itching also sudocrem is really good and it helps reduce bacteria

    • BOONDOCK SAINT says:

      It will start itching usually a day or 2 after. . It’s all part of the healing process of tattoos.

      How do you resist not scratching? Just don’t unless you want to potentially fuck it up or get it infected. What I use is H2ocean on all new tattoos I get for the healing and all that and I find it stops the itch as well for me. If you could get some of that try it out.

    • Leo R says:

      Anyone who says cover it while it’s healing — wrong. Wear the bandage home from getting the tattoo, then take it off. If it sticks, run the bandage under warm water for a minute, then it will come off easily. Then immediately wash it with plain soap and water. Dry with a clean paper towel, not a towel, or just let it dry on its own.

      Antibacterial soaps — wrong. Plain soap and water.

      Antiseptics, Neosporin, bactine, alcohol — wrong. If you put alcohol on a tattoo less than a couple of days old, someone will have to peel you off the ceiling.

      Vaseline jelly — wrong. Plain white unscented lotion such as Lubriderm, Eucerin, Gold Bond with cocoa butter, St. Ives, Vaseline Intensive Care, etc.

      The itching will kick in after about 5 days. To deal with it:
      — Ice pack for less than a minute.
      — Put a blob of lotion on it, then rub it in gently.
      — Slap it gently until it stings a little

    • Priincess Angeliki Hardy says:

      the cream that you put on will take mose of the itching away
      if it becomes very itchy slapping the area will stop it
      dont rub it or even lightly scratch it

      but not everyones itches. . . . none of mine did at all.
      i have been tattoo’d 5 times and i think i only thought “ooh i have an itch” once but remembered its the tattoo and ignored it.

    • Shawn says:

      You can slap it.

    • Coakoa says:

      I hve 16, n they all itch like crazy!I just went and 3 yesterday,n I didnt get any cream.My tattoo artist told me to use vitamin e if u have some,r cocoa butter. The 2 dat I have on my chest itch so bad but the 1 on my arm,hasnt itched at all.Kind of weird but oh well,remeber never ever scratch it will fade ur color!

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