• What qualifications do I need to become a tattoo artist in the UK?

    I have studied art and been a fine art artist for a number of years and I am now looking to diversify.

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    6 thoughts on “What qualifications do I need to become a tattoo artist in the UK?

    • zapper10178 says:

      try looking up on Wikipedia

    • BeedleBop says:

      Actually no qualifications are needed to become a tattooist, it’s just extremely helpful if you have some drawing skills.

      It’s actually more personality wise and experience wise that helps you to become a good tattooist. You have to be very patient and communicative and have some skill in drawing.

      Mind, it’s quite a hard job to get into. I suggest you build a strong portfolio and might want to do some test tatts on pig skin – do not test on humans obviously. Once you think you have a good portfolio try asking round lots of parlours to get the best deal. You might have to pay for some or you might get the apprenticeship for free, but will have no salary.

      I think You should be alright tho if you have studied art.

      Good luck!

    • chocolate curlz says:

      I gave this answer to another person and hope it can help you
      Here are a few sites I found starting with the google search
      http://www. google. com/search?client=safa. . .
      http://bsbodypiercing. org/main. html
      http://www. thetattooacademy. co. uk/pta_ht. . .

    • south coast tatooist says:

      Merry meet. No qualifications required, just sheer hardwork and drive. Hope you do well our industry needs more talented girls.

    • Lilylicious says:

      You don’t need qualifications to be come a tattoo artist, all you need is raw talent and a steady hand. . . also no phobia of needles lol. . . people often think it’s a case of drawing with a pen when really, it’s an actually needle. Becoming a tattoo artist isn’t a walk in the park it takes a lot of patience and dedication. However if you have the talent and a passion then go for it!!

      There are a lot of ways to get into the art such as apprenticeships. But please be careful if you’re thinking of going down that route. A lot of palours may give you the whole “£5,000 upfront and we’ll take you on. ” Which may seem fine at first if you have the money spare but you may be taken for a ride. A lot of professional tattoo artists want the help but not the competition if you know what I mean. I’ve read alot of stories of how apprentices have paid a lot of money upfront then been used as a salon cleaner, trained once or twice on the machinery and been a receptionist for 4 years. . . . completely unpaid! If you want to go down that route though then there’s various tips that may help. If you’ve already got tattoos or are thinking of having one then nip into the salon and have a word with your tattoo artist on how he got into the business etc. Built up a portfolio of your own designs and artwork in many different styles, this will show your flexibility in the tattoo’ing industry. Nip back to your tattoo artist or local palours and show your work. You may find that you get rejected a lot of the time, this isn’t personal it’s a hard trade to get into and like I said many artists don’t want the competition!

      Don’t despair though if you find the apprenticeship method hopeless, one of my good friends from high school went down the self employeed route. As there’s no qualification for the skill you can actually become a tattoo artist without an apprenticeship! He basically had a normal 9 to 5 job then went to art classes at night to keep on top of his skills and talent, then he’d draw pictures of tattoo designs and slowly build up his portfolio. After saving up his pennies he purchased a tattoo’ing machine with basic black ink and purchased some pig skin from the local butchers which he’d doodle away on (he said this also helped to keep a steady hand with holding the actually needle) then he’d take a photo of his work and add to a portfolio. Already a lover of tattoo’s his tattoo artist allowed him to come into the palour every saturday to watch him tattoo and pick up several useful skills such as shading, how deep to put the needle etc etc. Then in time my friend started practising on his friend’s in black ink and slowly building a rep for himself. Eventually overtime he and his tattoo artist decided to open their own business and now he’s very sucessful.

      You can also work from home if things kick off instead of renting out a shop. But as using needles is a tricky business in the health department then you’d need to be registered etc, I’m not sure how you go about it but it’s quite simple I’ve been told.

      I hope this helps =D good luck and dont give up!!!

    • mohammedrazal says:

      U must have creativity. . .

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