• what kind of soap should i use to wash a new tattoo when in the shower?

    i live in the uk so if you could recommend brands that are possible to get over here, that’d be great :)

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    21 thoughts on “what kind of soap should i use to wash a new tattoo when in the shower?

    • thejoker8301 says:

      something that is 99. 9% pure. . . like Lux or Ivory. . . I think Lux is still 99. 9% pure. . . I havent used it in like 20 yrs. . . .

    • Ed says:

      I would get a wire brush and caustic soda, and scrub the awful act of self-mutilation away. Or get it professionally removed. Soap just won’t wash it away.

    • tickle_tits says:

      Wash the tattoo with an antibacterial soap (don’t use alcohol or peroxide — they’ll dry out the tattoo). Use a soft towel to dry the tattoo — just pat it dry and be sure not to rub it.

      Ive also heard people say a little vasseline over it help it heal nicely

    • andy says:

      try not to use soap at first,just water then when you come out put on plenty of savlon cream and try to keep it clean

    • onesw33td4y says:

      dial bar soap

    • NIGEL R says:

      i never use soap on a new tattoo just rinse under shower pat dry and use savlon to stop it scabbing over as much. . . .

    • TwinkaTee says:

      When I first got my tattoo, I just rinsed the area with water and patted it dry with a towel. I kept it covered in neosporin to keep the infection away.

    • Agent 40 says:

      Auromere Ayurvedic Soap, Sandalwood/Tumeric Formula:
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=80162&catid=64336

      Cuticura Medicated fragrance free Anti-Bacterial Soap Bar:
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=69198&catid=21189

      Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Soap, Oatmeal & Honey
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=21155&catid=13111

      Queen Helene Masque, Mint Julep
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=79218&catid=9386

      Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=87794&catid=48050

      Queen Helene Oatmeal ‘n Honey Natural Facial Scrub
      http://www. drugstore. com/products/prod. asp?pid=87793&catid=48050

    • alikat says:

      dont use any soap it draws the ink out just rinse it with water until it has healed properly and put vaseline on straight after bath, i’ve had 9 tattoos

    • Helena S says:

      Anything that is mild , fragrance free, and deoderant free. Fragrance free Dove, Pears, a glycerine soap, or the such is a good choice. Ensure that you moisturize your new tattoo after you bathe.

    • Angel says:

      don’t wash rub scrub don’t do anything to it if you’ve just had it done don’t wash it for 2 days then when it starts to scab still don’t wash it with anything just let the water run over it then when the scabs have fallen off then you can wash it with whatever you like in the mean time try Bpathan (for nappy rash )

    • LO says:

      Any kind of unscented antibacterial soap. Wash it gently!!

    • Laura says:

      I was told to use NO SOAP! It can lift off the top layer of skin, leaving uneven healing. Just wet it, pat it dry and put on whatever cream provided/recommended by your artist. ( I bought the special stuff- but stay away from vaseline and E45- Ive seen the bed effects of these, even if they work for some people)

    • InkyCherry says:

      I dont use soap on my tattoos, but if you want to you can use something antibacterial and unscented, just go into a chemist and ask what they have.

    • ThundrRoad says:

      surgical green soap,,,,just like the tattooist used when he tattooed you most pharmacies have them.

    • InkHeart says:

      antibacterial soap like dial works best. remember, soap not hand wash. . . .

      just read thunder and that would actually work very well also. . .

    • starbucksismygod says:

      Tea Tree Soap

      It’s wonderful stuff.
      Gentle on the tattoo and also keeps your skin from breaking out.

    • leambi says:

      anything mild will do, unperfumed like dove or something like that.

    • Kit says:

      the best, what I recommend to most of my clients, is Provon Lotion Soap. www. provon. com it feels great on the skin, doesn’t burn, is marvelous on fresh ink.

      But the soap is relative to the other products you use. If you buy an expensive brand of soap then use low quality lotions to keep it moisturized or load the skin up with useless ointments, you defeat the purpose.

      Provon Lotion Soap – twice a day light cleaning, and gentle rinse
      Non-scented, no additives Lotion (Curell, Purell, Lubriderms. . . absolutly no ointments, no neosporin, no alcohol, no peroxide, no aloe or vit e. . . none of that stuff will help the skin do any more than it’s going to naturually)

      A good idea before a tattoo is to use your lotion on that area regularly so the skin is already healthy. Then it just has to heal the wound, instead of having to heal the skin around it as well.

    • bebishenron says:

      any soap is fine but all will dry it out so make sure you put cream on it when you get out to make sure the scabs dont dry out and split.

    • Sharon R says:

      dont use soap just water and dont use moisturizer friend dun that ink mixed into each other looked a right mess. when it feels dry put vaseline

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