• What do you think is the best place for a tattoo on a young lady?

    My wife would like to get one, but we want to make sure that it’s tasteful.

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    58 thoughts on “What do you think is the best place for a tattoo on a young lady?

    • Hitesh Dhanwani says:

      in the bicep area

    • cat woman says:

      bottom part of the back. . .
      if not a tiny one on the ankle

    • SteveT says:

      On her bottom

    • Chery says:

      on the lower back it looks sexy

    • tearsofthemoon00 says:

      Real women do not get tattoos.

    • Bobbi E says:

      anywhere that can be easily covered if it has to be. . .

      belly, back, ankle, foot. . .

    • angela b says:

      I have one on the base of my spine it was quite painful though and i have 1 on my ankle less painful option

    • proud walker says:

      Top of the thigh at the side. Definitely.

    • dhatheidi says:

      have it done where you can hide it for a wedding or funeral say!!
      tops of arms or back of the shoulder is ok & they do have lots of ‘tasteful’ ones for you to look at in books in the studio

    • Marxsparx says:

      Make sure that it is some where that can be hidden, as they look tacky!

      And show lack of intellect.

    • Anon says:

      i think on the lower back. . or the hip. that looks good.

    • medic_30852 says:

      where ever she wants it. its all about self expression and not what looks cool!

      personally I hate the tramp stamp on the lower back. love to see them on the rib cage, but its up to her and what she wants and what she is comfortable with!

    • ladywoodboy says:

      onher rear

    • peter j says:

      to the hand-bag

    • smart_starz says:

      on the lower back!! it looks super cool!!

    • TOMTHEBOMB says:

      why mark your body forever think about it and what it means to you. i really donot like a pritty gril who has to have a tatoo, let your natural beauty shine through

    • doonies says:

      I’m just down on the side of my navel, I was there, so nobody can see them when I want them also. . . Its quite small and its Chinese for “vitality”, “internal energy” Spirit “on the lower back is cool too. Personally i dont like them on ladies arms, shoulders etc.. . .

    • Justaguy says:

      At the bottom of the foot heel is best. nowhere else.

    • Hung Jon says:

      Well most lower back tattoos are commonly referred to as “Tramp Stamps” so if you want it to be tasteful don’t put it there. This answer depends on more specifics though. Does she want some big piece of ink or just something small and cute? I mean a tattoo on her big toe of some butterflies or chicken foot prints? Or is she looking to get some big tribal thing or what? Though an anklet tattoo is really nice and if you want something that you and her can admire just get on right below the panty line, lower abdomen offset to the left or right. So if she wears a low cut bikini and wants to show it off she can if not then she can keep it covered. Tramp stamps are bad. :) Sorry

    • stickadiddle says:

      Tattoos are not tasteful on a lady nor are piercings or plastic boobs!
      If you don’t believe me try your next question in polls and surveys.

    • Yasmin H says:

      Some if not people can see, I think tattoos on women are so unweiblich.Eines day be your wife would like a backless top or wear a bikini, and she is the dirty big tattoos, they do not have to hide.

    • Dylan B says:

      if she’s slim then I think the lower belly at the waste line on the right side is a sexy spot.

    • shayshay says:

      NOT on the lower back. . . . near the bikini. . . lower stomach above leg. . . depends really on what kind of tattoo she is getting

    • Fiona M says:

      Firstly you need to make sure that if you get one it should be small and something that you wont regret later, eg a name, you never know what the future might hold, not wanting to jinx anything!
      I have a small Gaelic design with a rose in the middle, as rose is my middle name, on the top of my arm, not too overwhelming as it is simple with just two colours, also a thing that needs to be kept in mind.
      You do need to make sure that you can cover it up for occasions, I’m now gonna be a bridesmaid to someone who doesn’t have tattoo’s and am wearing a strapless dress, so am now having to make sure that it will be covered for the photos.
      If you go to a decent enough parlour they can give you a good range of designs to choose from.
      More fleshy areas will be less painful!

    • Jacqueline-Faith says:

      This really depends on your wife’s personality. . If she won’t mind her grandchildren seeing her droopy, and old tatoos when she’s 70 and she’s bending over, I would suggest a lower-back one.

    • Mrs P says:

      on her lower back maybe but i wouldnt recommend as it won’t look too good when she’s 70!

    • Guy U says:

      Women should never tattoos. I have never seen a tattoo that a woman has made look to see better! Do you stop it from bitte.Sofern your best birthday vouchers for JJB would be.

    • Debbie B says:

      I’m not into tatoos at all – just think about when you’re old and wrinkly!!! If you want one how about a very discret place that won’t be on show (and I’m not being rude here) where it can be covered if needed

    • Try n Smile says:

      the lower back.

    • mistress_cat_in_boots says:

      Either top of the arm or near the shoulder blade.

      My daughter who is blonde and has memory lapses has had her name CHEL tattooed in the small of her back incase she ever forgets it!!

    • ♥DaDDy's LitTle GirL♥ says:

      Well a tattoo can be tasteful and still be anywhere on the body, as far as that goes I can’t tell you what or where to get it that is her choice and no one elses. I have two tattoos, I have a small half moon smiling at a star (very cute) on the front part of my body on my lower right hip. I also have a tribal butterfly (very unique and so pretty) on my back with some pink clusters, it’s hard to explain but it’s nice. I can easily hide both of these tattoos, but show them off if I want. I can’t wait to get my next. Just make sure that you go in and take a long time before you decide what she wants, don’t just make a spur of the moment decision, this is something that is on her forever.
      Good Luck!

    • cpt m says:

      Anyplace would be fine. . . . . if the tat is done tastefully and goes with her personality, then you have it made.
      Take your time and talk it over with her, go to some clean, reputable shops. . . . . . . . . . . look over all the flash, drawings. You can even type in Flash on the puter and you will find tons
      of things.

      good luck. . . . .

    • Brits says:

      Mine is on my hip!!Dosen’t hurt too much and you can cover it up easily!Totally sexy for bikini season!!=)

    • JW says:

      I’m with the guy who suggested her not getting one at all. I have NEVER seen a woman whose tattoo made her look better!

      This is going to get me flamed, and I know that many people pin them off as “art”, but to me, they stand as accoutrements of the underclass. There are lots of guys (and not just crazy Christian moralist ones), who find the whole idea disgusting. Sadly, tattoos on women have found their way into the mainstream, legitimizing them and making many women line up to get large, visible ones that they pick from books at the shop.

      This makes me worry — 10 years from now, when tattoos fall from fashion again, women will be left with huge permanent scars. Ask yourself — what other ’90s fashion trends are people still walking around with on a daily basis?

      I’ve heard that completely laser-erasable inks are being developed. If these take off, I’ll change my standpoint, because people will be able to get rid of tattoos permanently, cheaply, and at-will.

      On a kinkier side note, with many women placing tattoos on sensual parts of their bodies, they may be hurting themselves — I’m totally disgusted by the idea of licking a tattoo. We’ll just leave it at that.

    • raymondliboyblue says:

      the neck sounds good.

    • phoenix_wright_vs_daz_dragon says:

      The lower back it looks sexy

    • 'Lesti says:

      On the right ankle that is cute or on their low back right before their prey

    • maddieanddiddles says:

      I am a lady :) and have my parners name on my hip and a butterfly on my lower back. i got tattoos for me not anyone else so i put them in places you can easily hide. i wouldnt get them on your shoulders and back cause in summer they will always be seen also maybe your butt , back of your neck or stomach????

    • c_landy85 says:

      I’m 22 and have a right to my shoulder blade. It is a small fee – tender, but not cartoony! I think it is the perfect location as you can cover it if necessary, then, when people catch a glimpse of him it is a nice surprise: o) I also think pale colors work best as a full-on Technicolor!

    • janey w says:

      it totally depends on the type and size of the tattoo. personally not a fan of the lower back, back, or arm tattoos on women. I think, hips, feet or on your wrist and can deilicate Femine.auch something that can be covered when necessary! just my opinion that!

    • D.lo says:

      Young ladies tend to put it on their shoulder blade, sounds reasonable considering you can hide it whenever need to.

    • Laura says:

      Go with the top of the foot. She can cover it up if necessary.

    • c_smales1974 says:

      on the lower back, even though its was painful

    • Dan says:

      probably the base of her back not her breasts i think that is tacky

    • donna_and_kai says:

      i am a young lady of 26, and i have 4 tattoos, one on my ankle with i think is the best place 2 have one, one on my shoulder, and 2 on my arm one at the top and one near the wrist. I love them all but i would say go for the ankle and its not very painful there. as for tasteful maybe flowers or dolphins, anyway hope she enjoys it.

    • gobbledeegooke says:

      Back. Ladies who get tattoos on there arms look cheap.

    • Sinistra says:

      I have 2 on my spine and one on my foot:

      one about hip height, one at shoulder height and the one on my foot is on the inside of my left heel. I do a fair bit of theatrical work so I need to be able to hide them easily.

      If your wife has not yet had kids (even if you don’t want them right now), I’d recommend avoiding the stomach, hip and thigh area – I only say this as I knew one girl who had 2 swallows tattooed on her right hip, just below her stomach – and it looked great when she was 18. Then she got herself up the duff, and it stretched and warped and at last sight, it looked like a deformed rhino.

      The spine will be more painful, but the skin will be less likely to stretch and change your tattoo as you get older. I’m really hoping that in 30 or 40 years time, they’ll still look pretty damn good!

    • owen r says:

      Everywhere except the lower back! this is soo old and is really out of fashion jetzt.Was Abou’s face?

    • Magpie68 says:

      My wife has a tattoo on her shoulder blade. Easy to cover up or display, depending on what she chooses to do. Just remember that a bad tattoo lasts just as long as a good one so take your time and make sure she really really wants one and is totally happy with the design and the tattooist.

    • Pam says:

      I am 42 a mother of 3. I had a tattoo done last year and put it on my right thigh just down from my hip. It can be hidden easily and visible to those who I would feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit around. Even in shorts it does not show, I had it done for my son who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.

    • Photo Framing Online says:

      Too many people are using tattoos as a supplement for an actual personality.I would think shoulder.The breast would problem of hurt because of all the nerves which make then sensitive to touch.If that’s your thing though it can be a turn on. Just depends on what your into.

      Photo Framing Online

    • jodie says:

      ok i think woman should know getting a tattoo too low on your back u can get into trouble.when it comes time to have a baby and u want an epidural,they might not give it too u.depending where it is they don’t want to push the ink into your back.it happened to me.the artist should express this to women and let them know.

    • jr23 says:

      on someone else
      risk of disease allergy making x rays difficult
      in too obvious place chance of not getting the job you want
      and it will be outdated very fast
      try a temp or henna

    • awesomepossum says:

      I find its a common misconception that tattoos show a lack of intellect, if they represent something important to you then good for you. Real women do get tattoos, if they werent real they wouldnt be able to get one.

    • foreverandeverbabe says:

      I am a woman and I have 2 tattoos, one which I got just two days ago. Before you get your tattoo of any kind, make sure that it means something special to you and that it is something you want to have on you for the rest of your life, no matter where your life takes you.

      The first one I got on my right shoulder blade on my back. I picked that spot because I am a skinny person, always have been. But even if I do gain a lot of weight in my future, the chance of my shoulder blade/upper back gaining weight is extremely slim. It’s the kanji symbol for “music” and I got it to express my love and devotion to music.

      The second one that I just got on Thursday is one that I got just for me and my future husband. No one knows I have it, and I don’t plan on anyone ever finding out. This one is a 4 word quote and it’s located on my left ribcage, under my armpit, where my bra sits on my side. When wearing a bra, it is not visible at all. But if you got a tattoo that you wanted people to see, all you need to do is wear a bathing suit top that has draw strings instead of a full material on the sides. This is also a good location for a tattoo because you’re not likely to gain too much weight in that area. One disadvantage to getting it is, if you’re skinny like I am, it’s an extremely painful spot. I’m not sure what it’s like for people that have more meat on them but I can definitely say that this is one tattoo that I will not get touched up lol

      I hope that helps.

    • Beach_ Princess says:

      I just said more of these than i should have..

      is this a joke? ..”if it’s tiny it’s okay” ..”if it’s tasteful and means something to you” ..”nothing at all” ..tattoos are so gross on women” ..”big tattoos are gross”

      HOLY CRAP!!! SHE DID NOT ask for your opinion on tattoos just on LOCATION, SHE CLEARLY wants to get one and I BET she has gotten it already!


      I HAVE A BIG TATTOO ON MY RIB CAGE- NOT ALL big tattoos are ugly!!!!!! Mine is gorgeous and detailed and means A LOT to me.. OH and she already said it was a tribute to 3 people she’s lost SO it means something to her. BOTH of my tattoos are BIG and i came across this looking for where I might want my next one.. I am a slender girl, 5 feet tall.

      It is so frustrating to sit here and read half of these.. let your inner beauty show, okay she still is going to do that she isn’t planning to go and cover her entire body up in a GIANT ass tattoo!


    • teela says:

      i believe that if a women/lady wants a tattoo its her choice no one was put on this earth for others opions :} im 17 yrs old and i got my first small one at age 13 on my righ shoulder blade i have one on my stomach,between shoulder blades,hand,wrist and gettting one on my sides one side will say “stay” and the other side is gonna say “strong” i picked there because i have a very athletic body and piercings i have my eye,nose,lip,tongue done but only wear nose eye and tongue its a freedom of expression its all art if you dont agreee dont look at them :)

    • teela says:

      name teela addington i posted a min ago if u wanna see my work add me of facebook (teela addington) the only person on there with that name fyi no stalkers and no pervs please thanks

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