• What are the bad things about getting a tattoo?

    Hey guys, I’m planning on getting my first tattoo. But because I want to be sure I want to, what are some bad things about tattoos? Wanna know everything from every angle first before I go for it.

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    12 thoughts on “What are the bad things about getting a tattoo?

    • bigPEEZY77 says:

      BADS: (to most but i love every step of it)
      * hurts like shit
      * its work to keep clean and properly care for
      * u could get a shitty tattoo artist(ive never had one but theyre out there)

      thats it . . get something ur passionate about and find a meaning for and youll never regret getting a tattoo . . . good luck

      the guy who answered 4th is wrong about #2 . . ur not getting a tattoo for someone else your getting it for yourself so screw what other people think . . its like religion . . if your into it and its important to you as it is to me then no1 can take that away no matter what they say or think

    • Jessica says:

      worst case you get something now that you wont like later. you can always get it removed which is spendy and leaves a scar but you wont have the tat anymore. other then that there isnt too much bad. unless your work wont allow it so put it in a place that can be covered.
      Go for it!

    • Crista J says:

      there is possibility you get AIDs or tetanus cause you are sharing needles with everybody.

    • B Y says:

      For starters. . .

      1) Deciding which one to get, the size and colours.
      2) How people will think of you if you have a visible tattoo, especially a full-face tattoo!
      3) Think of how it will look when you are much older.
      4) What will you do if you don’t like it in 10 years?

    • Katerina says:

      first, u have to be sure if u really want it.
      second, u have to visit a profecional who can answer all ur questions.
      and finally,good luck!(;

    • Kukukachoo says:


      Firstly, the people who go on about AIDS (You need to contract HIV first btw) and if you have researched properly then you will never come into contact with someone who claims to be a tattoo artist and will permanently damage and scar you for life!!

      Second, DO NOT GIVE TWO $HITS about what anybody thinks. Get it for yourself and spawn it from your own mind and creativity. . .

      Third, Take decent care of it. Wear sun protection at all times to avoid the ink fading / bleeding out. . .

      Do these and you can’t go wrong.

      If you’re having second thoughts, I suggest you visit a tattoo studio, take a look at the artists’ portfolios and make your final decision based on what you want, where you want it and why!!

      Good luck XD xxxx

    • Fear Kittens says:

      depends why your getting it

      to be bad ass?
      positives- i have to admit being 15 years old with 17 tattoos does make me a bit more intimidating to some, but i didnt get them to make myself appear stronger(or tougher)

      negatives-i don’t like how people judge me to be a bad person, although only 2 of my tattoos are visible

      to be artistic?
      positives- I have to say that’s the main reason i got all of mine, was for artistic value. for most artistic stuff, it has to be professional, but some people that do it at home can

      negatives- i cant think of any negatives if you want it for artistic value

      to remember a loved one?

      positives- there are lots of ways to combine art with memory, and you surely cant forget something tattooed on your skin

      negatives- common, if you do get a tattoo for memory try to think outside of the box, everyone has a cross tattoo

      In General

      positives- most look great, make yourself individual, strikes interesting conversation

      negatives- some hurt(most people overexagurate), people judge. Honestly my only problem is money

    • Terri Morgan says:

      I got my first tat on my back in case I didn’t like it! I now have 5 and I love them all!

    • Tantalizingsimplicity says:

      Well the most obvious negative factors would be what most people say to try and turn you off of tattoos. Really the only ones most people tend to focus on are the pain(which really isn’t that bad) and the fact it may effect your ability to get a job in the future(depending on which career path you are aiming for). Of course there is the chance you could get a shonky tattoo artist but this is why it’s always best to really check out the artist before booking in, seeing if you like their style, getting a feel of the type of person they may be, ect. Another negative I guess would be the chance of infection but really most people are just being super germaphobes. I only washed mine with warm soapy water and it healed up really fast, of course while everyones body is different as long as you are cautious and aren’t doing things your tattoo artist has advised against, it’s not that big of a deal.

      What it really comes down to is how badly you want it. If a tattoo is something you desperately want, something you desire so very deeply. . . well no amount of negative’s are going to change your mind and that’s good. Personally, I would suggest NOT getting hung up on the negatives. When it comes to your first tattoo you will probably psyche yourself out a little, worried about if the artist is good, if it’s going to hurt, will you like how it looks ect ect

      . . Don’t stress it.

      Also, good luck on your first tattoo. I’m sure it’ll be great!! :)

    • Giggles says:

      It can be expensive and painful, and depending on where it is, it can hinder you from getting a job you want. But if you can afford it, can deal with the pain, and won’t have it visible on the job or at an interview, you’re good to go!

    • So-California Mofo says:

      Mainly it’s all about who you go to. Just remember you get what you pay for, cheap tattoo means a cheap tattoo. My recomendation is to buy tattoo magazines or go to bmezine online and find some of the top tattoo artists in your area.

      The tattoos that I regret are the ones on my hands which i’m in the process of having lasered over and over and the ones that I got when I was in highschool in some random dudes house.

      All the ones that I have on me that were done by award winning artist that have articles in all sorts of magazines and have been featured on shows I never regret. It’s a good feeling when you go into a store and people want to know who did your tattoos.

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