• Taking painkillers before getting tattoo?

    Getting first tattoo today. . . on my chest just above clevage. would it be safe to take nurofin plus before getting the tattoo to help with the pain? or panadiene?

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    14 thoughts on “Taking painkillers before getting tattoo?

    • ldd3017 says:

      no pain no gain, toughen up, or get your tattoo from a quarter machine

    • xxlil_leeper23xx says:

      i think i remember reading somewhere on the internet that you are not supposed to take any type of pain pill before getting a tattoo because it will thin the blood and then while your getting tattooed you will bleed more than you would of had you not taken the pills and your artist prob wouldnt appreciate the extra blood :) but other than that idt it would matter if you took em or not the best thing to do if you are unsure would be to call your artist and ask!

    • Stacey says:

      taking pain killers wont help, if you take pain killers then stab yourself with a pin it still hurts doesn’t it, so you will feel pain but the area where you get your tattoo will go numb from the pain, mine did i got one one my lower back and my arm both went numb after about 5mins.

    • la sad eyez says:

      Firstly tattoos about a cleavage line are not classy. Just stating my opinion and secondly your not suppose to take any form of drugs before getting your tattoo. Its not going to numb the pain, it will wear off even if it does and on top of that it`s going to make you bleed more.

    • Nicole D says:

      I dont know if it will help. But the people i know who have them say they dont really hurt that much its more annoying than anything. Good luck hope all goes well.

    • xPiNkBulletZx says:

      i got my first tattoo on them from a sprained ankle

      u will jus feel more calm plus its not even really that painful most ppl are jus wimps and tell u it hurts. the most painful part is the outline which is not even painful jus a burning sensation

    • LadyLuckLove says:

      painkillers = bloodthinners.
      taking any bloodthinners before getting tattooed is a very bad idea.
      hopefully you don’t think a painkiller is really going to do that much good. it’ll wear off. and you’ll still hurt.
      look at it as the price you pay physically for your art.

    • Mouse says:

      I was debating taking some when i got my tattoo. I had four hours on the ribcage and was fine without pain killers. I have heard that girls work up the pain in their minds so much that it always hurts less then we think it will. You will be fine! Tough it out like a trooper!

    • mitchell2020 says:

      Have fun; you will be okay; I never took a pain killer for any of my tattoos; even when I had my whole back done; why complicated things?

      Focus on something and chill out you will be okay.

    • harley_cowgirl_20 says:

      It thins your blood out so don’t do it, and tattoos really don’t hurt that bad as people say. Plus the tattoo artist makes you sign a paper saying you did not drink alcohol or do drugs before coming in and all this other stuff.

    • ~::JAEL::~ says:

      takin pain killers wont make it hurt less but take an advil or something after and it kills the pain kinda like takin pain medication when you have a sunburn.

    • Lil Jo says:

      If you do that and you don’t feel the pain of it then it doesn’t really count as a tattoo. Because you didn’t really suffer anything from it, so it won’t mean anything.

    • **Bri baby** says:

      Not a good idea.

    • Ach3r0n says:

      Lil Jo,

      What a ridiculous sheep-like statement. That would be like me saying you don’t deserve a tattoo for being such a conformist tw*t.

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