• It is possible to learn Tattoo without become an apprentice?

    It is worth to pay someone to teach you for 2 weeks and you practice it by yourself? Do we need a licence to do Tattoo?

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    8 thoughts on “It is possible to learn Tattoo without become an apprentice?

    • JOHN B says:

      I think that all Tattoo artist’s are self taught, by the looks of some I’ve seen.

    • That One Dude says:

      Not really. As far as i know there is no “tattoo schools” apprenticing is really the best way to learn.

      As far as a license goes, it depends on what state you work in.

    • mike j says:

      the only way to learn is watching an artist at work and being around the equipment so you get to know what is what like liners, shaders,9s, 12s, 16s alot to know about so hope that helps.

    • hi there says:

      practise for 2 weeks? oh. my. god.
      here is how it works. if you are really lucky and find an amazing teacher, you then spend years learning the trade. and even when you are good enough to be out there you are still learning. every single day. on top of which you spend every spare minute drawing. constantly working to improve and better your art.
      as my old boss said “if you ever look at your work and think that its good. that you could not improve, then you should not be doing it”
      and yes you need to be both licenced and police checked to work professionally.
      everyone wants to be a tattooist because they think it’s easy money. but if you love the art and the history. the soul of tattooing. it’s not about that. its the same drive and pleasure that any artist feels. just our canvas moves, and twitches and occasionally passes out!
      if you really want to be a tattoo artist then take your art and anything arty that you do and go visit every tattooist you can and beg.
      and be prepared to be the tea boy/girl for a while.

    • Bettie says:

      2 weeks? Are you serious? An apprenticeship takes 2 years, generally. Most shops will not hire you if you do not do an apprenticeship. Yes, you need to be licensed.

    • Bonnie B says:

      You can learn on meat and fruit but then there will be a time when you will have to an apprentice, and yes you do need a licence.

    • Fashionmanic says:

      Not quite sure sorry.

    • bebishenron says:

      you dont need a licence to be a tattooist but you do need a certificate from the hygene people to say the practice is clean etc if you wish to tattoo the public.
      you can not learn in 2 weeks. i was asking my tattooist about this as i found a course on the internet which was a 2 week intensive course which claims to have you tattooing people in that time (i admit i was tempted). it took the tattooist i use 2 years before he was allowed to tattoo a full tattoo on a client.
      once you know the basics of the machine etc you need to learn on pig skin or a synthetic skin to get the touch right as it can otherwise scar the skin and the tattoo will be awful.
      personally if you cant be an apprentice i wouldnt bother the uk is saturated with tattooists who are not good and end up giving shoddy work and transmitting diseases because their knowledge isnt right.

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