• Is cocoa butter formula got for tattoo after care?

    I had my first tattoo done on saturday afternoon. I was told to use Tattoo Goo 3 times a day for the first 6 days. and then a moisturiser after that. My sister has bought some cocoa butter formula from boots. Just wondered if any onehas used this for tattoos and would it be any good. Any recommendations of the aftercare of my Tattoo would be great.

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    13 thoughts on “Is cocoa butter formula got for tattoo after care?

    • princesstracylee says:

      use something not sented like lubiderm dont use cocoa butter its to soon

    • pinkribbon says:

      Only use the cocoa butter after the scabbing has finished. If the tattoo is made too moist it will not heal properly and thick scabbing will occur.
      Stick to the Tattoo Goo for now, or Aloe Vera Gel that has been kept in the fridge can be very soothing. I use it on my tattoos and on my skin after having radiotherapy as it was recommended by the nurses at the hospital for me.

    • Kerry says:

      get some more Goo til it’s healed properly, won’t take long.

    • Salvator says:

      yes any form of vitamin cream is best
      check the link below for more advice – off to get my 7th tattoo today

    • baby firefly says:

      i always put vasaline over mine after ive just had a new one done.

    • ~*Jadey*~ says:

      Hi, I just got my second tattoo on Monday. I’m using bepanthen on it 3 times a day, it’s really good!

      Just keep it clean, dont scratch it, let the scabs fall off themselves and moisturise it well.

    • twiztidzoey says:

      Cocoa Butter is no good, Lubriderm is probably your best bet Or anything with no alcohol or fragrance as those will irritate the tattoo , If You bought the tattoo Goo Use it as the artist directed, Tattoo goo is actually safe to use throughout the whole healing process, (Unless you start having a reaction), Wash the tattoo 3 to 4 times a day with luke warm water Using Dial or another antibacterial soap, rinse and Pat dry with a towel, Don’t rub,Then apply the tattoo Goo, NEVER Use Vaseline or neosporin on a tattoo they’re petroleum based and can pull the color out of your tattoo if used for a long period You should avoid submerging it in water for long periods of time and avoid the sun for long periods while its healing, It will probably leak or drain but thats normal, It will either scab or start peeling like a sunburn would, If it scabs then don’t pick at it just let them fall off, It should only take a week or two to heal up, However if you see light spots then it may need a touch up but you’ll have to wait at least a month in most cases, If you’re still in doubt stroll back up to the tattoo shop and ask for an aftercare sheet,

    • punkrck482 says:

      tatoo goo is the best of the best. the good shops that do your tattoos give you a free thing of it after giving you your tattoo.
      that stuff helps the color from fading when its healing.
      i would only recomend that.
      coco butter may not be such a good choice.

    • Siren says:

      I wouldn’t use cococa butter if I was you. If you want to keep it moist then use Bepanthen. Its the best thing in my opinion, its a nappy rash cream so you can get it from chemist and it really soothes the tattoo.
      I always wrap my tattoos in cling film for the first week, that way it doesn’t scab and you don”t run the risk of losing the colour.

    • zombiesiren says:

      the absolute best thing you can use is nappy rash cream. try bepanthen. it stops it from scabbing and helps hold colour.

    • monkeymanelvis says:

      Use bepanthen cream. It’s for babies but it works PERFECTLY on tattoos. My tattoo artist recommends it over anything else and every tattoo I have used it on comes out brilliant while the one I didn’t bother with it on faded a lot and needs re-inking. I can’t praise bepanthen enough on tattoos.

    • katie h says:

      SAVLON is a great anti bacterial treatment for tattoos.
      I wouldnt recomend using the coco butter just yet. wait until its completely healed

    • magiccabbage says:

      My personal recommendation for a new tattoo would be Preparation H (the stuff you buy for piles)! Sounds completely mad but I have been advised of this by several tattoo artists as it is totally safe to use (think about it, it is designed to be used internally), and as a huge bonus on many other forms of healing gels/creams it stops the itching of a new tattoo, so helps to prevent you falling victim to the temptation of scratching it, thus damaging the scab and potentially spoiling the colouration of your tattoo.

      Another bonus is that is is very widely available from supermarkets. pharmacies, and is relatively cheap too. . . the only downer is the blushing you may experience at the till, I found myself having to explain to the till person why I wanted it, even though I’m sure they didn’t care! LOL

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