• How soon after getting a tattoo can you shower?

    I just got my first tattoo yesterday. It’s a small 1 inch by 1/2 inch treble clef right above my left breast. I was reading before hand that you shouldn’t put running water over it. So how soon could I shower after getting it?

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    10 thoughts on “How soon after getting a tattoo can you shower?

    • Jade says:

      At a place I know of, they say you can take a shower after 24hours. But you can’t scrub and you have to pat it dry carefully. But most people wait about two days i think.

    • Rj M says:

      Showering shouldn’t be a big problem just as long as the new ink isn’t like submerged in water it’s should be fine. . and don’t rub it dry lol.

    • twiztidjuggalet83 says:

      ive always taken showers the same day or next- i dont see why you couldnt. my artist always recommends to wash it right away. but do make sure its with cold or lukewarm water because hot water will irritate it and cold water will bring down any swelling. also make sure you reapply the ointment you are using.

    • ruby_7 says:

      wow I bathed the same day I got mine, but they were on my foot and wrist and I could keep them out of water, but you could bath and keep it out of the water

    • David G says:

      about a week

    • dmh0008 says:

      I know with all of mine I showered the next day, I was just careful not to let the spray directly hit it for a few days. And pat it dry or just let it air dry. Make sure you keep applying the ointment they gave you or a moisturizing lotion.

    • Charles M says:

      You can shower the same day. Just put a large amount of what ever you use to heal your tat with over it I like A-D ointment. this will bead the water right off your tat. while you shower.

    • taxidermistplease says:

      To be on the safe side, probably a month. JK! As long as you don’t soak the tattoo in water or rub it hard with a towel, it should be OK to take a shower the next day.

    • outsider says:

      wash it 2 to 3 times a day quickly with dial antibacterial soap. . . dont put anything else on it like lotion or anything for the first couple of days, after that only if it is really dry. . . jus let it heal it self. . . general rule. . . keep it clean. . . if you must take a shower a quick 3 minute at max

    • LadyLuckLove says:

      to be more specific, you can take a shower after one hour of getting it done. you have to wash it about that soon any way. however, when you do take a shower you want to keep it out of the direct contact with the spraying water. instead if you are washing your front side i suggest your back to the shower head and let the water run over the tattoo. and be very gentle when cleaning it. be sure to use anti-bac or anti-microbial soap on it and be sure you wash off ALL the soap.
      dont take a too terribly long shower [even a scalding hot shower] the steam caused by the excessive time can cause the tattoo to get too soggy and push the ink out.
      once you’re out: pat dry and apply the A&D or Tattoo Goo or whatever the artist gave you in a thin layer [a little goes a long way]

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