• how old do you have to be to get your ear pierced or to get a tattoo?

    how old do you have to be to get your ear pierced or to get a tattoo?
    im 17 tunring 18 in july about 3 months from now and i asked my mom back in 9th grade if i could get my ear pierced and she said no so i told her i would get it when i turn 18 no matter what so this last friday i finally asked her again and she said no AGAIN!! should i wait till im 18? or should i get it done now since my ear has to heal for about a month when i get it ?(b/c then it will be summer and i probably cant go to the beach since its healing)and about the tattoo i asked her for my 17th bday she said no that im definatly getting when im 18
    what im tryin to ask is should i go for it without my parents consent or not? since im turning 18 in 3 months

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    23 thoughts on “how old do you have to be to get your ear pierced or to get a tattoo?

    • Surfergirl says:

      you can get your ears pierced at any age. . . but i think u have 2 be like, 18 to get a tatoo.

    • glamoursoph says:

      Listen to your mom. Good things come to those who wait. :D

    • kimmy says:

      I don’t know abotu tattose but I got my ear periced when I was 1 and I saw this little girl 3 months old getting her ears periced at claries

    • Misty Eyes says:

      Tattoo is 18.
      Ear Pierce is 16.

    • girl4godbfaith says:

      I dono bout the tatoos but you can get your ears pierced at any age.

    • MiRaNdA rOsE says:

      to get your ears done u need a parent, but once your 18 u can do both, alone.

    • Soon2BeMrsWierzchowski says:

      ok so you can go get your ear peirced at 16 with out your parents ( at least in ct u can). And you can go to the beach when its healing, infact salt water is good for it. but tatoo is not until your 18

    • *~ME~* says:

      I’m not sure about tattoos, but you can be any age to get your ears pierced.

    • allison says:

      i got my ears pierced at like 10, but then they got infected and the had to remove he earing surgicaly, but i will get htem pierced again to, first tatoo, about 7, but it came off a week later, lol! ok, my humor isnt that good, i ahve no tatoos yet,,

    • a_minute_too_late says:

      Anything pierced or tattooed is 18, unless you bring a parent a long and they sign and say it’s ok. Also, they usually ask your parent for their ID and whatnot.

    • VOLLEYBALL Hottie!!! says:

      ears can be done at any age. Even little 3 months olds. Tattoos I think it is 18, I think you can get it done younger if you have parental permission!

    • Patrick B says:

      the bible says dont make a beast out of yourself in other words keep your body as is

    • Nikiea . says:

      I got my ears pierced at 3 years old. I don’t know about tattoo’s.

    • sandiego_devil says:

      With a parent at your side you can get a tattoo or your ears pierced. However, go it alone and 18 is the legal age.

    • Stephanie P says:

      Earring? Any age. Depends where though. But you are old enough, to get a tatoo, any age, but your parents have to sign some papers first so they would have to come with you.

    • Jenn says:

      With ear piercings you have to be 16 without parental consent, any age with your parents. Tattoos you have to be 18 to get them done.

    • dmvariety says:

      As long as you live with your parent you obey their wishes. When i was a child i act like a child but when i became a woman/man i put away childish things. My daughter had one in H. S. she keep it until college Thank God. I could not handle it was a boys name changed to a beautiful tattoo, but it cause her pain to change it. 18 years old if you want to get a tattoo and finish school you are pretty much grown. Remember you will always be your parents baby and little one. If it is convenient to live with them and you are not married it is wise until you finish school or go away to college.
      Now my children are married and they both have tattoos.

    • X. says:

      You can get your ears pierced at any age as long as a parent is with you. Some tattoo shops & piercing studios do not pierce those under the age of eighteen even if they have a parent with them, due to some silly laws, although most will not deny you and your parent.

      In most cases, you must be 18 to get a tattoo regardless of whether or not your parent is with you while you are underage. The rules vary by shop.

      In your case, I believe laws vary by state. You can call around to various jewelry stores or piercing studios to inquire as to what their minimum age requirements are. You might be able to buy a disposable piercing gun at walmart otherwise you must wait because there’s a very, very good chance that you will be asked to show your ID.

      I honestly think you should wait. Good luck!

    • the_skipper_also says:

      you have to be old enough to know how old you have to be

    • Nicole W says:

      You have to get parents consent if your under 18, it might depend on where you live.

    • virgo_thang_694 says:

      To get your ears peirced you can be any age BUT you have to have parent’s permission. To get a tattoo you have to be 18. Unless you do that on your own. But I wouldn’t recommed that. lol.

    • Clamshell 19 says:

      New borns get their ears pierced.
      Tattoos, you gotta be 18.
      Three months is not long to wait.
      Spend that time making up your
      mind on exactly what it is you want.
      You don’t have to be 18, to go to the
      shop and talk to the artist. Plan Ahead.
      Think Before You Ink. . . . . . . Ink Is For Life

    • ="-__-"= says:

      If you look old enough to get your ear peirced than do it. If you look young just bring your ID. YOU DON’T NEED YOUR MOM TO GET YOUR EAR PIERCED! I got all my peircings done when I turned 13!!(TONGUE,INDUSTRIALS,BELLY BUTTON,LABRET) And your right you should get it a month b4 so you can go to the beach and stuff like that. Your mom is tripping not letting you get your ear pierced. Don’t get the gun. Get it done by a 14G or 16 18 or 20( the higher the guage the smaller) needle. It does’t hurt when they peirce it either it hurts after like any other peircing! But if you do get it by a GUN let them do it with a disposable gun like in ‘claires accesories’ cuz guns cause alot of infections and its not a stainless steel earing and NON disposable guns probably looks clean but sometimes the gun has left over blood and you get the idea. Please go to this website you’ll love it and get all your info here. www. bmezine. com

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