• How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in ireland?

    I’m there on a trip there in a month is, and I wanted to know if I could legally get one with or without the consent of the parents. also how old do I have to smoke?

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    15 thoughts on “How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in ireland?

    • Joya says:

      18 is what I was told when I asked on another site. I don’t know about smoking. I was also told to never ever get a tattoo in Ireland because apparently the guy (who told me that) had had a bad experience.

    • fafandloo says:

      18 without parental consent, but it’s been on the pitch, you have done is, when the girl before, not to say it did in Ireland, Ireland has some of the best tattoo artist and piercer know Joe Myler of them in a hes Waterford. Also smoking is to take a bad habit.

    • LYNNSGARETHS says:

      i think it is 18.

    • Graham says:

      Here in Ireland it’s 18 for both and age of consent is 17 (probably should be 16) if that’s any help.

    • EDWARD W says:

      Any age you like. They are called transfers and you stick them on your skin. . wet them then peel it off and you got a tattoo.

    • EMMA M says:


    • Kirk_84 says:

      You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo, and you will have to smoke to 16.

    • bord_gal says:

      18 without parental consent and the age is 18 for both smoking and drinking aswell!

    • tea_drinker says:

      Most tattoo shops having a waiting list of about three months, if they can do it within a week then there’s probably a reason, i. e. they don’t get many customers because they’re crap so I wouldn’t reccomend getting a tattoo on holiday, unless you’re there for a few months. Also, if anything goes wrong once you come back you won’t be able to see your tattoo artist about it.

    • felines says:

      Darlin’, I don’t care what kind of a tattoo you get, or where or if anyone consents, but I hope you never start smoking.

    • ambiedawn06 says:

      whatever the legal age is over there

    • fairygirl2182 says:

      Sounds like you should be 18 years old, and you really do not want to smoke. Trust me. Did you know that smoking can kill you or at least give you problems? Bad idea! Have fun in Ireland!

    • goodideagirl says:

      If you need to ask these questions. . . YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO GET A TATTOO OR SMOKE. . . . . Sorry. . . .

    • ian.a says:

      i think its 18 but u cvd just do it urself.its easy enough if u do it properly as long as u do it safely.im 15 and ive done 4.the first 1 wasnt too gud but u get better

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