• How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your side?

    I want to get a tattoo on my side ( like in the rib area) I am nervous on how much it will actually hurt. Please help me out!

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    8 thoughts on “How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your side?

    • Cynic says:

      I don’t have tats (yet) but I do know that area hurts like hell. A lot of bone, you see. . .

      But on the other hand, I think a tattoo on the side looks very good on a girl’s body :)

    • lineman says:

      it’s gonna hurt really really bad

    • Yo misma says:

      It is one of the most harm is tattooed, but can hold perfectly, I have the whole left side tattooed from waist to under the armpit and the right half at the waist a little higher.

      And if I say that is an area disturbed, but can hold very well, and I think that tattoos are very beautiful there.

      It is also an area which allows very large tattoo, if you like, but when you’re not interested to see the tattoo can be hidden cn clothes very easily.

    • Jaff says:

      It really hurts getting it done there, the skin just seems so sensitive and the slimmer you are, the more its going to hurt. I have a tattoo which extends round from my upper back down my ribs and finishes at the front hip. I have several other tattoos (back, wrist ankle lower back) and none of them hurt quite as much as this one.

      I suggest taking a pain killer half an hour before your tattoo is due to start (not aspirin – it will make you bleed more) and be sure not to drink alcohol or go in with a hangover as this also increases pain and bleeding.

      Just think though – its only a short time to put up with the pain and it will be over before you know it and you will be left with a beautiful tattoo!

      Good luck!

    • Alice. says:

      It will hurt, but worth it!
      Do you watch programmes like Miami Ink? If you don’t look out for when it is on.

    • Al says:

      I have been getting tattooed for over 20 years and yes the ribs hurts a lot!

    • Zoe H says:

      well . . i have had a tatoo on my stomach. and it goes onto the side. It doesnt really hurt too bad but when it gets to the bone, thats when it hurts the most. but the pain doesnt last so you will feel fine within a few hours :D

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