• how much does a tattoo on the top of your foot actually hurt??

    i want a little star on my right foot near my little toe thats about an inch wide.
    any ideas on how much it’ll hurt, cost and if it will look good or is worth it?
    does it hurt more than any other place on the body?

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    13 thoughts on “how much does a tattoo on the top of your foot actually hurt??

    • nyamokushisan says:

      I’ve heard someone compare it to having a lit cigarette dragged along your skin. Can’t say from personal experience sorry!

    • KinderBuenoFiend says:

      It’s not that bad, I’ve had one. I thought it would be dreadful, and it was painful, but something you can handle. Just grit your teeth. :). I think it’s like a papercut, with salt.

    • Molly A says:

      i dunot know personally as i havent had one, but it depedns where, if you have it over the bone it will hurt more than more to the left or right.

    • Big Daddy says:

      if you really want it then it is worth it as for the cost and the pain it should not cost alot maybe less then 50$ and the pain it mite hurt some

    • TaTToo says:

      sorry to say , but , it is impossible for somebody to tell you how much something hurts , because we all have a different tollerance to pain.

      compared to other area’s of the body , it is not any more painfull then another spot.
      there are however a few extremely painfull area’s , the tip of the elbow bone is one of the worste.

      on the issue of cost , you will have to visit your local tattoo shop and ask them what there fee’s are.

      it is worth it if you really want it! go for it , you only live once.

      PS: ignore the person who said something about a cigarette , it feels nothing like that. . . there is no way to describe a tattoo , also with the design’s size that you want , you will barely feel it.

      goodluck , have fun!

    • devonandcory says:

      the thing is, its not an hour long tattoo so even if it does hurt really bad. . . its only for a few minutes.
      my tattoo on my foot was the least painful of all my tattoos, i barely felt it.
      if pain is such a consideration, you don’t want it bad enough to tattoo it on your skin forever.

    • sirens_never says:

      who would want a star on top of their foot?? does it improve you or make you feel better in anyway?? if yes, then thats pathetic

      ps- tattoos are tacky. . . they are like permanent makeup, well nasty.

    • Just me says:

      well my sister got one on her foot of a ladybug and she said that out of the other 4 that one hurt the most and she would NEVER do it again so you decide ;]

    • *Star* says:

      its only a baby tattoo anyway so just grit your teeth and go for it!! no pain no gain! it does hurt over the bone but your only getting one thats an inch wide, it will take 5 – 10 mins max, im sure you can deal with it!!

    • Sahara B. says:

      It Hurts, But It Doesn’t Hurt TOO Bad. I Mean, I Have One On My Right Foot- So It’ll Be okay. . . Mine Was 60$. I Like Mine.

    • SρаяќІэ says:

      It didn’t hurt me at all, but I have quite a high pain tolerance.
      Everyone is different with how they handle the pain.

      It’s worth it! I have on one mine, very similar actually but mine is 3 stars that link together, it’s hard to explain.

      I also had my upper arm done with a coloured rose and a bit of writing, that hurt a bit more than my foot but now much.

      It’s really difficult to tell you the cost, I can tell you what I paid for mine, but everywhere is different, most artists charge by the hour, mine charged by the design.
      The foot tattoo cost £50, that was with no colour and three small stars.
      The arm tattoo cost £140, that was with quite a large coloured rose + writing.

      Everywhere is different though so check out some local reputable shops and jot down their prices.

    • samantha says:

      Im a tattoo artist and ive never tattooed someone that couldnt finish it.

      Tattoo on the feet can hurt more than anywhere else for some people its excruciating and for some its nothing. Dont worry about the pain it wont last that long an if its something you really want then its worth it in the end.

      Dont go too close to the edge of your foot or too close to your toes or it will have to be reworked every year or so as the cells in these areas renew quicker than say your arm or back so the tattoo fades alot quicker so try to keep further in to the top of your foot that way if it kills ya wont have to keep reliving the pain every other year.

      Keep the star nice and simple to avoid it all blurring into one blob in a few years your artist should discus all this with ya before ya get it done if they are any good at their job if not find one that is good!

      Depending on the star chosen it should take about 15 mins i imagine and cost somewhere between £20 and £40

      And why a star a heard someone say?. . . . a star was a sailor way of finding their way home its a symbol of safe return. A ‘finding your way home safe’ return symbol on the foot i think is quite fitting.

      Happy tattin!

    • Joshua says:

      I dunno about the placement, what I’m picturing looks a bit like it’s about to fall off of your foot. lol
      It shouldn’t cost too much, that small.
      As for the pain, one of my friends got a tattoo on her foot. I was back there in the room with her while the guy did it. Her whole leg kept jerking, she wasn’t doing it, it was just sort of happening. She was cursing like no other, it was kind of funny to watch. But, anyway, she said that it was pretty bad. It depends on if they hit bone. Cause that’s a little worse.
      But, on the bright side, it won’t be long after s/he starts, and it’ll be over, unless you keep asking for breaks.

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