• How much does a neck tattoo cost?

    I really want a tattoo on the back of my neck. I was just wondering how much does it costs. No shading, simple heart design, black outline, red fill. . . please tell me if you know. . .

    ps. please no prices in dollars. . . i live england (pounds)

    thank you :)

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    4 thoughts on “How much does a neck tattoo cost?

    • Wing says:

      i don`t know how much it costs but when you grow older, there are wrinkles and the tattoo will not look good at the back of your neck, trust me. get it somewhere else. good luck! sorry.

    • SmileySomer_x says:

      It will probably range between too £50 to maybe £200 :)

    • Nadine says:

      Depends on where you go. I would call your tattoo shop and ask. different tattoo artists and salons have minimum amounts usually around 50pounds. Good luck(:

    • Connor says:

      hard to be definate they range from £100 – £500 depending on size/place/amount of colours/complexity/time it would take.

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