• How long to i have to put the A&D ointment on my new tattoo?? and how many times a day do i put it on??

    i just got it on friday and i was wondering how log i have to put that sfuff on
    if i use Aquaphor do i rub it in??? or just put it on like the A&D?????

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    5 thoughts on “How long to i have to put the A&D ointment on my new tattoo?? and how many times a day do i put it on??

    • beta ☠ says:

      Put it on twice a day for the first 2-4 days of healing (you can also use Aquaphor), then switch to a gentle lotion like Aveeno. Many people actually have adverse reaction to lotions like Lubriderm, and I know that my tattoo studio no longer recommends using Lubriderm. Aveeno works like a charm!

      best of luck!

    • Jennie J says:

      First of all I don’t have any tattoo’s but my former husband had 10 -12. He always used A&D for about a week to ten days. For certain use it until it 1. doesn’t hurt anymore, 2. Completely stops flaking off, which should be minimal. . . . He’s always done this and I must say even though I’m not a tattoo person, his body art looks nice.

    • Tara M says:

      I put lubriderm lotion on anytime it got itchy. I’ve never used the ointment, so I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how often to use it. If there is, just use unscented lubriderm in between applying the ointment. When it gets to the really itchy stages, it feels absolutely heavenly to rub the cold lotion into your skin! haha Keep doing this until it stops flaking and doesn’t itch anymore.

    • Fire H says:

      I got mine on Saturday and my tattoo artist told me to put it as and when needed, when the skin feels tight. Different people have different types of skin, someone with a drier skin may require more I suppose, I’ve always had fairly oily skin so I found that I only require a thin coat of Aquaphor three times a day. When I read the recommendation, it said to put it for the first 3 – 5 days then switch to a non frangrance, non pore clogging lotion e. g. , Curel. You could always call up your tattooist and ask him/her to confirm.

    • annie♥ says:

      dont use a&d!
      it will drain the color.
      use unscented lotion dont use it too much though cuz u dont wanna dry it out. . .

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