• How long should I keep glad wrap around my tattoo?

    I got my tattoo on Thursday morning it is now Monday morning. I put my cr? On me and then wrapping it. (The tattoo is of my c? Your? My stomach)? Also how long should I continue? save for the cr? above me? And how long will it take to gu enough to die? Thank you.

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    • Christine Vinhhong says:

      About 2-4 hours after? Sr? Receipt of your new tattoo, remove the (paper towel, gauze, or) covering. ? this point, you should wash your tattoo? bottom for? eliminate any body fluids dess? ch? and applied the ointment? your e artists when they band? your tatouage.Apr? s have washed? your new tattoo? sponge tr? s gently, then apply a tr? s small amount? unscented lotion? e of your choice. It is tr? S important that you apply no more than a thin veneer. DO NOT use Vaseline! Wash your new tattoo about three times a day during the first 2 days. Use warm water and antibacterial soap? Nothing sweet. Make sure you remove the old coat of NO FRAGRANCE? LOTION? each wash, then apply a layer tr? s thin NO FRAGRANCE? LOTION. as usual during this time, keep direct contact with water? minimal shower. Do not soak. Apr? S? Be out of the shower? Be careful not to let your v? Wear stick? your tattoo gu? Rison. The use of non-stick gauze is justified? E if v irritants such as clothes, bed sheets, the dirt? The light? Re the sun, so get in touch with your new tattoo and cause the problem? in my first 48 hours only. We urge? our customers to let your new tattoo breathe as much as possible without pansement.AVERTISSEMENT: Apr? s the first 48 hours, discontinue use of any ointments, and stop letting the tattoo wet while bathing. ? any time during the process gu? Rison you should soak the tattoo area? in a bath? whirlpool bath, shower, jacuzzi, pool or water oc? years.The third? my day, stop using any ointment and / or use of a bandage. ? Right now, you begin? use a mild cleanser, hand lotion fragrance free with a low alcohol content, not the alo? s and vitamin E. not Lubriderm, Keri, Curel or Eucerin are recommended? s. Apply tr? S small amount? 3-5 times a day for about 2? Next 3 weeks, or up? the gu? Rison. In about 1 week your tattoo can form a layer of milky white, it will peel a gr? Ve.NE NOT PICK, SCRATCH, scrape, rub or otherwise abuse the cro? Tes.Il Simply apply the lotion? the l? g? re, as indicated?, and that the cro? to your d? stain on their own. It is possible that the tattoo can be d? Paste more than once, this is normal. If you have a tattoo color pleased t that black and gray, apr? S have? Sprig? Your colors should appear? be clearer. The color may appear dull during the application process due to the infiltration of blood into the skin.? no time during this p? period gu? Rison should you tan or sunbathe. Your tattoo is very? S sensitive? the light? re ultraviolet and may disappear? be? prolonged exposure? e. Apr? S the tattoo is complete? Gu ment? Series, it is advisable? to use one? total catch or at least one? screen (SPF 15 or higher) for pr upcoming aging pr? matur? Your tatouage.LA WOMAN: If your tattoo is in an area that don? BLINDNESS? shave, shaving around it during the gu? Rison Please give t! M? After me? S gu is the tattoo? Ri, it is recommended? use a new razor? every time. The bacterium? Ries may proliferative? Rer on your razor and can cause you problems? Mes.Pendant the warm months of the Sch? E, sweating becomes a problem? Supp me? Commentary for a tattoo gu? Rison. Be on your guard with this problem? Me like scabies can paste? your v? tements.S it you pla t remember, track your tattoo is in your world? re responsibility?. A highly qualified? and exp? rhyme? Craftsman demand? your tattoo. Underuse or overuse of one of the recommended products? S entered above can have dinner ill r? Results and / or permanent damage to your artwork. Enjoy your tattoo!

    • Hey Z says:

      Looks like you do a wet gu to die, which is something I’ve never really tested them. I heard good? Works if done right. I would call your artist and ask him what he wants you to do.

    • julial719 says:

      Do not enter. ? tous.Il needs to breathe for gu enough to die! This is a scab! Apply a little lotion 3-4 times per day. Do not saturate.

    • Stephanie says:

      Take the plastic wrap imm? Immediately and wash your tattoo. The plastic film does not t? Recommended? for e ann? e.La short version is that plastic wrap keeps the area moist and increases the temp? body temperature, cr? ant an environment id? al for bacterial growth? ries. It also allows? Air travel? the wound, which can slow the gu? Rison. She went to no? Also an accumulation of body fluids, which can then s’? Escape from beneath the envelope, cr? St a danger to the monde.Il there was a good article penned by a member of APT (Alliance of Professional tattooists) that d? ends everything? better than me http://tattoo. about. com / od / tattoosafety / a plasticwrap /. htm

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