• How long does it usually take to complete a full tattoo sleeve?

    How long would it normally take to complete a full tattoo sleeve with color?
    Thnx! =]
    Detail ranging from medium to a lot.
    thnx =]

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    9 thoughts on “How long does it usually take to complete a full tattoo sleeve?

    • Miranda says:

      at least 4 hours depending on how detailed it is

    • love-slab says:

      depends on the detail.

    • sean_what says:

      Ignore that 4 hour nonsense. Each one is different depending on what you want done and the detail etc. . . It can take weeks in some cases as your body can reject that amount of ink going into your body at once and so to counter this it will be done in stages. Go into your local shop and enquire.

    • Aysia Rawrr<3 says:

      Omg that guy said 4 hours?! Hahaha way off.

      It really does depend how detailed.
      You can’t just get a full sleeve tattoo in just one trip to the parlor
      It takes a long time and you will have to go back several times to finish it. :]]

    • Kermit J says:

      Mine took four months, a two and a half hour sitting every two weeks. Lots of color/color blending.

    • Holly the Kitty says:

      from shoulder to wrist it would take 12 to 24 hours of work broken up into many sessions for “medium to a lot” of detail.

    • Shannon! says:

      A LONG time. .

    • julieisbest says:

      Depends on:

      How fast the artist works.
      How long you can sit.
      How big your arms are.
      How fast you tend to heal.
      How well you take care of it between sessions.

      etc. etc. etc. There are no hard-and-fast answers unfortunately. They are definitely a big time investment, though, both on the part of the client and the tattoo artist.

    • sexystrawberry80 says:

      I currently am in the process on a sleeve tattoo. I am getting a nature scene, for instance waterfall, rocks, flowers, frog, dragonflies, butterflies and so on, full color. I have made two trips to the tattoo place and the first trip I spent five hrs, the second four hours. I still have quite a lot to go. I can my tattoo taking around 15 to 20 hrs to complete.

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