• How long after having a tattoo can you use a sunbed or sit in the sun?

    Dont bother lecturing me on the “importance of sensible tanning”! im an adult and therefore can make my own decisions, im merely asking a simple question that requires a simple answer! many thanks for those who take the time. cheers

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    12 thoughts on “How long after having a tattoo can you use a sunbed or sit in the sun?

    • dirrtay_diva says:

      My dad’s a tattoo artist and he recommends 2-3 weeks as do many places but I’ve always left mine at least a month to be on the safe side!

    • Heaven M says:

      2-3 weeks to a month.

    • I Love My LCPL says:

      wait until it is completely healed.

    • nanook570 says:

      i was told when i had my tattoos done to keep out of strong sun and not use sunbeds for a couple of months while my skin settled. I would advise for you to do the same. You dont want your new tattoo fading too soon.

    • Cassiopia_Rachelle says:

      I would wait about 3 weeks before sitting in the sun and 4-6 weeks before getting in a tanning bed :)

      Make sure you buy that roll on balm for your tattoos. It helps protect the color and appearance while you tan!

      Cassiopia, Founder
      Premiere Paranormal Research, Inc.
      www. premiereparanormalresearch. org

    • ღஜღKarma♡Tsering♡ღஜღ says:

      3 weeks.
      Keep in mind that the sun or a sun bed will fade your tattoo over time.

    • Kidx says:

      You should wait one month, at least. If the tattoo is still red or seems to still be healing after this amount of time, wait one week and check it again. Everyone’s skin is a little different, so people heal at different rates. One month is a standard answer for the industry because it ensures that you waited long enough, but still be sensible about it. If you burn easily, stay out of the sun for a while after tattooing.

    • Kate L says:

      tatoos are dirty

    • advocate172000 says:

      depends where you have the tattoo put!!

    • Brycie S says:

      im a home tattooist and iv always given people 2weeks for tattoo to heal then 2weeks before tanning as tattoo is safely inbedded in the skin. hope this helps

    • Yo misma says:

      As the first month is little better than no-no sun, not to go to beaches, pools, saunas, etc. .
      And then if you want the color is well preserved for a long time every time you make the sun sunscreen get high “the love of babies. “

    • Rompy pomp says:

      My ass reeks……………..

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