• GUYS HELP! whats the sexiest place for a girl to get a tattoo?

    i want a tattoo, but where is the sexiest place to get one for a girl? and how big? and what design?
    i was thinking of writing “i love you” in french. but sometimes designs are better.
    what do you think?
    thanks XDXD

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    13 thoughts on “GUYS HELP! whats the sexiest place for a girl to get a tattoo?

    • I_the_R says:

      No where. Tattoos are very unattractive.

    • hutch says:

      i don’t think anywhere but if your gonna get one then get one that can be hidden cuz sometimes jobs don’t like when tats are showing and get what ever you want

    • mypinkrainbow says:

      hi i have 27 tats, and my first one was a orchid and right above the right boob and it drapes over my shoulder , , i love tats, and do suggest not getting the typical rose it is so not in, and go to a good reputable tattoo artist and have them make you a design good luck and happy tattoo

    • Nvrgvup says:

      I really don’t know of any place for a girl to get a tattoo that would look sexy.

      To me they look dirty, untidy, unattractive, low class, and from observation, most either regret having ever got a tattoo, or go to the other extreme and say what the heck, and get more, they can be addictive.

      Now, here’s what’s really sexy, a healthy body, packaged with a pleasant easygoing personality, cheery and nice to know and be with.
      That’s worth working on, and you won’t have to worry about getting Hep B, Aids or HPV from needles, and having someone you really are keen on saying, ” if only you didn’t have a tattoo. ”

    • Ally says:

      OK, no one has given you a straight answer so far, but even though I’m a girl, I have a couple of tat’s that I know guys love. I have a star constellation on the back of my neck and a yin-yang dragon on my lower back. Both those places are kinda ‘sexy’ I suppose, but that’s not the reason I got them in those places!

    • sxenerdx says:

      I love tattoos, but don’t do it unless it means something. Don’t get it just to get one. The sexiest place I think is on the arms. I love sleeves.


    • Michael P says:

      Inside in the heart from your true love. The emotional sign you are loved forever by one man and one man only, that being forever!

    • White lighting says:

      Above the bikini line on the left side of the abdomen. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Nik says:

      Oh honey, why would you get a tattoo just because it looks sexy? Those kinds of tattoos are the ones that make girls end up looking trashy or sleezy. . . If you’re going to get a tattoo, make it something special, something personal. . . not something you’ll regret when you’re older!

      But, I’ll answer you’re question anyway. . . I have a Nautical star on the back of my neck and a few guys have said that it’s sexy. http://photos2. hi5. com/0009/796/341/JtNO3s796341-02. jpg

      I’ve also heard that guys like tattoos behind the ear, like this: http://images. 43things. com/entry/290495pw150. jpg

      Also, some guys like lower back tattoos. . . I like this one, but some people might think it’s too big: http://i204. photobucket. com/albums/bb307/i_1ove_prince/tattoo. jpg

      Lower stomach or hip tattoos are usually found sexy by guys, too, like this one: http://pro. corbis. com/images/42-15470234. jpg?size=572&uid=%7BE8322020-1590-4CC9-89E9-815225B332D9%7D

      Personally, I really like tattoos on the side of the body. . . I saw a tattoo that was a trail of stars that started on the side of a girl’s boob and went down to her waist. Kinda like this but starting on the boob, not the back: http://img176. imageshack. us/img176/6271/star8km3. jpg

    • Gorgeous23 says:

      I saw that someone said above the bikini line on the left side. . . That’s what I was going to say because that’s my boyfriends favorite on me!

    • Unpretty says:

      I know you asked for guys’ help here, but from what I’ve seen, the guys aren’t being very helpful. lol

      I have a wild horse tattoo on the outside of my right calf. It’s nothing huge or flashy, and it’s easily covered if I need it to be. For some strange reason, guys seem to constantly be drawn to it and bring up conversations about it. For me, it was intended to be symbolic rather than a head turner, so that gets to be irritating, I guess.

      Most guys I know absolutely despise the ones on your back right above your butt. They say that it’s overdone. I’ve even heard them rudely be called “whore tags”. My problem with them is, if you’re wearing a blouse and skirt or slacks and need to bend down, they often appear, which can give you problems at work if your employer has a problem with body art.

      I’ve also been hearing guys saying tattoos on the chest are nasty these days (go figure). Most guys that I know say they like them on the hip, calf, or a tiny one on the belly.

      I don’t get that whole sexy tattoo thing. . . and you should never ask for advice for something going on your body. Your tattoo should mean something to you, and not a bunch of horny guys. If you’re just getting one to turn guys on, you’ll regret it when you’re old and don’t have the body you once had. . . .

    • coldhearted says:

      the lower back, the ribs, are my two favorites to see on a girl then i would have to say the hip or the pantie line or the foot, then the shoulder or the ankle

    • trollkepr says:

      Having “I love you” is very sexy for the guy you are dating at the time but really a put off for anyone after that. Every guy will ask you who you were telling that to. If you don’t have a specific guy you are saying it to then they will think you are odd. Make it something else that is about you and not about someone else. Lower tummy on the hip is sexy. Shoulder blade, and a thin band on the ankle can look sexy. Just make it about you!

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