• For a female is getting a tattoo under the breast painful?

    I am interest in getting a tattoo on my chest area, right under my breast. It would be a horizontal style tattoo, causing the design to go over several ribs. I am interested in a tribal/celtic heart tattoo. I do not have any tattoos now, so would this be painful? I heard going over ribs are painful.

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    3 thoughts on “For a female is getting a tattoo under the breast painful?

    • addycakes<3Pngwnbby says:

      Over the ribs will be like giving birth.

    • Oralia C says:

      OUCH!!! over the ribs must definatly hurt!!! well to tell you the truth tattoos hurt!!!!! i have two! one goes all around my waist and the other on my back. . . well i guess it really depends how big your design is to your tattoo and detail of course!! alot of detail equals alot of time and that equals alot of pain. . . . mine took three hours in one session. . . but after a while your start to get numb!! so good luck!! YIKES!

    • back pain says:

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