• does getting a tattoo on your thigh hurt?

    ok, so i want my tattoo on my thigh and i was wondering if it hurts? it will be my first one. . .
    and also does anyone know of a good tattooist in melbourne, australia?

    thanks =)

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    4 thoughts on “does getting a tattoo on your thigh hurt?

    • CONQUEROR says:

      the general rule for tattoos is the closer to the bone, the more painful

      thigh tattoos have more of a sting feeling

    • ♥lovehim4ever♥ says:

      well all tattoos hurt but yeah on your thigh it will be particulary rough. and no i dont know any good tattoo artists,

    • beta ☠ says:

      It just depends where on the thigh you mean. The front of the thigh is one of the best areas to get tattooed, because it isn’t too sensitive, and there is padding between the skin and bone.

      The back and side of the thigh is a whole different story. It is rife with nerve endings, and tattoos there hurt quite a bit. Still, nothing intolerable, and you’ll be just fine.

      Best of luck!!

    • carrie says:

      I personally thought the side of the thigh was not that bad at all. The closer to the front and the back, the more painful it became.

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