• Do you believe getting a tattoo of your spouse’s name is bad luck?

    A lot of people say that getting a tattoo of your significant others name is bad luck. I was just wondering how many people actually think this. Would you get a tattoo of your spouse’s name if you believed you were going to be with that person forever, why or why not? Or maybe you already have a tattoo of your spouse’s name or ex-spouse if so how long have you had it and do you regret your decision?

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    40 thoughts on “Do you believe getting a tattoo of your spouse’s name is bad luck?

    • Breanna S says:

      dont do it u may brake up even if u r marride dont do it plz it will remind of them everyday nad it really hurts to get them removed

    • says:

      no, its dumb.
      yea, you might say ” ohh were gonna be together, forever”
      but in reality what if things dont work out, your stuck with that tattoo forever (unless you remove it)

    • Angelina F says:

      No, I don’t believe in luck, but if for whatever reason you two did split up, you’d have to get some painful surgery to get it removed! Think twice!

    • Kelly says:

      you should never get a tattoo of your bf or gf or spouses name!! people may think they’ll be together forever (which sometimes is the case), but then again, sometimes things just change. i know i would never get a tattoo of a guy’s name. if i got one of anyones name, it would be of my kid or something like that

    • Jon-aholic :D says:

      i dont think its bad luck. . i have known many people that have their husbands or wifes name on them and it dosnt mean they are going to break up

    • Just Moi! :D says:

      my dad had my moms name on his leg and had to get a custom cover up. not cheap. . .

    • ods says:

      dude, don’t do it.
      it’s not bad luck, it’s just stupid.
      tattoos in general are a waste, getting something on your body that may not be forever, even more wasteful.

    • Ladybeatle says:

      Its not bad luck just stupidity – you never know what the future brings. probably safe just to get your childs name or family name tatooed if you need it.

    • kate says:

      I personally don’t think its a good idea at all.
      I’m friends with a couple who are 17, and the guy has her name in big letters down his arm and the girl has his name in chinese on her ankle.
      I respected their decisions, but I would never do that!

    • swallace223 says:

      My rule is that the only names I will ever have put on me will either be my own or that of any kids I may have. It would just be awkward to end up with an ex’s name on ones self. Imagine explaining that to a new partner. Ugh!

      If you really want something having to do with a spouse, have a symbol/something else that would stand for them.

    • jd_in_bc says:

      Totally bad luck they will get hit by a bus the next day, If you do it, do it small than it can always be covered up. I would not do it personally because what if they do get hit by a bus and die, your eventually going to move on and you don’t need a constant downer on you. I don’t know to each their own just make sure they would do the same.

    • googie says:

      First , I do not believe in tattoos. It is not in the best interest of the next spouse to have the name of the previous spouse tattooed on your body. It may be macho but it is also stupid. Then again, one must be of a certain mentality to get a tattoo.

    • Noneof Y says:

      think about when your older. do you really want to see an old guy with a tattoo and bling? seen it. not. . . . . . . . . pretty

    • Mrs.EdCullen says:

      well i think it is very unintelligent to get a tattoo of your spouses name because what happens if you guys really don’t work out??? A lot of people claim to be happily in love but a few years later they are getting divorced and are stuck with the tattoo. I say that if you really want one get it someplace that you could cover up with clothes(for example your lower back or ankle).
      The second alternative is to get an airbrush tattoo that last 6months and just keep getting them redone. They don’t cost much and they don’t wash off which is really convenient. They have some that last for only 2 weeks and some (as i said) that last 6 months. Hope this helped!! xD

    • B526 says:

      Look what Angelina Jolie did. Thank god she had money to get rid of it. If you really want a tattoo for your significant other just get

      “I love my Boo”.

      lol- seriously it works for anyone

    • ALSN [: says:

      I don’t know if it is bad luck, because i don’t think ink can have that type of effect.

      But i don’t think it would be the greatest thing, cause if you were to separate, or something were to happen, you would regret it sooooo much.

    • trevhedman says:

      divorce rate is what 1 in 5 these days ? Chance of tattoo being below your expectations ? I think the chances of you regretting it are high but its not luck its odds.

    • Axl Rose is God says:

      We were together for 5 years when I tattooed my BF’s name on me. We broke within a month! Then we did eventually get back together. We were together for 4 years more and he then tattooed my name on him. And guess what? We broke up a month after. Now we are apart for good and we both have each other name to regret. So I will never make that mistake again. I go for a removal consultation this week. Wish me luck :)

    • Alli says:

      I don’t think it’s bad luck. My dad got my mom’s name tattooed on him almost 2 decades ago, and they’re doing better than any couple I know.
      And I could see myself getting the name/initials of my significant other, one we reach a certain point in our relationship. We pretty much know that we’re going to be together forever, but I would like to at least make it to either 3 or 5 years before I would.

    • BNev says:



    • Lo says:

      I would love to get my Partners name on me, we have been together 4 years and are in the process of buying a house, but i dont think i will get one !

      I mean i would hate to break up and have it on me forever , i mean how would i feel if i met a new man and he had his ex gf’s name on his arm !

      Not cool at all !!

      Although i dont think its bad luck !
      If you are going to break up, you will, just cos you are going to have their name on you it doesnt mean you will instantly break up !

      I would consider having a heart for example and their initial inside the heart, so if you do break up, it can be coloured in !

    • ♥ David Tennant Forever ♥ says:

      And then you break up and hate the sight and hearing even the name of your spouse and you’re stuck with their name on your body forever. Not a good idea?

    • lisagrndy says:

      nope you make your own luck plus i have my hubby’s name on my shoulder blade we’ve been married 20 years

    • ♥Kerry♥ says:

      No. I don’t think it’s bad luck. I’ve got one of my husband’s name, I love it.

      I know a lot that have ex’s names too.

      If you’re going to split up, it’s not because of the tattoo.

    • Jacq Han says:

      My tat artist & friend refused to do my partners name because of his superstition about the whole name thing. . . so i went elsewhere, got it and we broke up 2 weeks later!

      unlucky we broke up
      lucky because i was trapped in the abusive relationship

    • Jovi Freak says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s bad luck but it is a very bad idea.

      Who knows if you’ll still be together in 30 years time, you will have the name still on you in 30 years time though. Get your kids names, or family members, thats never going to change but boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands etc, don’t even think about it.

    • Corey says:

      I would agree that branding you bf/gf’s name on your body isn’t a bright idea, but once you’re married I don’t. At least for me anyway. For me marriage is a one time thing (sadly for most of the world this isn’t true) so having my wife’s name on my body forever doesn’t worry me. It not only show’s my commitment to her, but I also actually enjoy having it. If you have doubts about this, then don’t get do it and for fucksake don’t get married. I’m tired of the american public abusing the sanctity of marriage with their billion divorces. If for whatever reason I’m no longer with my wife, which I don’t ever see happening. I wouldn’t get married again, nor would I remove the tattoo. You have good times and bad times with people, erasing her would mean erasing a part of me.

    • suzanne says:

      YES, i have my EX boyfrends name tattooed (Big regret) we both had each others names done after beeing together a year got tattoos 2month later broke up, he coverd my name straight away, i still unfortunatly have his name because its tricky to cover

    • James says:

      i got my (now ex) girlfriend’s name tatooed on my shaft. we broke up less than a month later, so i’m pretty sure its bad luck. but i was extremely lucky in one sense… her name was Maximilliannasophialynne

    • Mars says:

      I have reading through the answers and I am confused? Do people go into relationships now a days with a divorce lawyer on speed dial, or one eye on there partner and the other scouting around. If you have been with some one for years and break up you have history regardless whether you have the name tattoo on you all not.

    • brittany says:

      my husband and i are thinking of doing the same thing we have been married 5 yrs and we have 2 kids and we are thinking of getting each others names for our anav. this yr this was a lot of help

    • stan says:

      Like what Mars said. I think its fine to do and if you have to get it covered up will its not the end of the world.

    • Terrell says:

      Does anybody believe in love anymore the only reason people say it’s a bad thing is because of breakups and divorce rates if people took time to find the right person for the right reasons and fall in love in a healthy way they could do things like get tattoos and not regret them because honestly after my first marriage if something happened to my wife I’d want something to always remember her by with deeper meaning if you are abler to even ? What if we split then your not in it to win It 100% long story short people need to stop settling and find who they really want then you can do whatever

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    • Kathleen says:

      I had a boyfriend for a while that had his ex wife’s name tatood on his ankle. Was not to bothersome but definitely made him not marrying material.

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