• Can you use emla cream when having a tattoo done?

    I want to get my Tattoo on my back re-done but its quite big and will hurt, just wondered if i could use emla cream to numb the area first.

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    7 thoughts on “Can you use emla cream when having a tattoo done?

    • Bodieann says:

      my m8 did and she said that it did work a little bit. . . . . .
      I had my tattoo’s done without and it wasn’t that bad anyway. . . Plus it’s part of the experience. . . Pain for your Art. . .
      Now stop bein a poof and just do it :-)

    • Blondie says:

      I see you know what EMLA cream is for. . . here is some info on the cream like side effects and etc. . . .

      EMLA Cream (lidocaine 2. 5% and prilocaine 2. 5%) is indicated as topical anesthetics for use on normal intact skin for local analgesia (pain relief). EMLA is contraindicated in patients with a known history of sensitivity to local anesthetics of the amide type or any other component of the product. EMLA is indicated for genital mucous membranes for superficial minor surgery and as pretreatment for infiltration anesthesia. EMLA can be used on infants with a gestational age of 37 weeks or more. If EMLA is left on the skin for longer times or applied over larger skin areas than recommended by a physician, serious side effects, such as methemoglobinemia, may occur. In patients treated with EMLA in clinical studies, the percentage of patients in which local effects at the application site were observed included: skin paleness (pallor or blanching) 37%, redness 30%, a changed ability to feel hot or cold 7%, swelling 6%, itching 2%, and rash, less than 1%. These mild side effects generally went away by themselves within 1 or 2 hours.

      EMLA Cream is used to numb the skin at the site of injections and other needle procedures (e. g. , blood drawing, IV insertion, or line port access), and for many dermatologic uses.

      http://tattoo. about. com/cs/articles/a/numbingproducts. htm

    • tallmiss says:

      I think you should be okay, just speak to your tattooist. I used this to have my tattoos removed, it worked for me.

    • kitty-mama says:

      I don’t think it is something that CAN be done for a large tattoo. It must be applied liberally, covered with a waterproof dressing and left to sit for 30-60 minutes. When the dressing is removed and the emla wiped off, the skin is ‘soggy’. This would interfere with the artist’s ability to do crisp art. Also, the effects of emla are quite brief once the ointment is wiped away

    • MissCheviousOne says:

      Emla cream is NOT recommended for use on an area to be tattooed. It does interfere with the quality of your art and the ability of the skin to absorb the ink, which is the whole point of a tattoo. . . right?

      Suck it up and get ‘er done!

    • fafandloo says:

      yes you can use elma my husband uses it all the time he just puts it on a hour before hand then puts cling film round it then just takes it off before he goes into the tattoist , only thing elma can be expensive its around 6 euro to buy it hear and for your back you will need atleast 6 tubes but its worth it, my husband has just had a arm sleeve done and he would swear by it also get bepanthen cream its for nappy rash for afterwards it helps the healing faster .

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