• Can you make a dark tattoo lighter?

    I have a small black ink Tätowierung, and ask myself, whether it is möglich, make it more easily, for example, over it in with yellow or weià Ÿ he color, thereby it less visible color? I ask, because I do not want, my did remove, but because of my work and environment, it wäre schön, if it less visibly. I have this Tattoo fà ¼ r 11 years now, and it got no easier.

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    8 thoughts on “Can you make a dark tattoo lighter?

    • Ich weiß nicht says:

      No, only time will lighten the pigment.

    • HeatCrazy says:

      By now it should fade after a few years ago. But I think, and I have heard that if you go in the sun fade much it. lol do not know, that’s true. Sorry, not much help huh.Sie could also go to a tattoo studio and ask if they can do anything to make it easier.

    • Amy H says:

      Here is a product, which will take it off. http://www. hidemytattoo. com/

    • Helen says:

      the sun definitely makes the ink fade but it takes a long time , it sounds like you want fast results .

      I’d go to a tattooist and see if he could maybe cover the black ink with white , if it worked perhaps then he could colour it again to resemble your skin colour ?

      Good Luck

    • Steph says:

      Yeah to go the Tattoo studio and I thinks, it can help:)http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index; _ylt = AnDat3AdPLfL1xSE. sozMRLsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20080511155400AAcOAJz

    • Refti says:

      it is possible to lighten it, but it will of course never be as vibrant over black ink.

      If you hit black ink enough times with white or a colour it will begin to lighten. Some people have whole areas tattooed in solid black then have the designs in white. It’s alot more limited and never as vibrant, but after enough applications it does become visible against the black.

      Sometimes now people use white inking as a way of lightening dark tattoos, like tribal, for covering up. Just going over the back with white a few times to lighten it. I know you don’t want to cover it up though, just an example to show how it can be used.

      It’s a limited process and to be honest, usually ends up making the tattoo a little crappy.

    • ..::Beautifully Imperfect::.. says:

      Refti is right about the going over in white or lighter colours, it can lighten the tattoo down depending on the type of ink used, if its natural pigment then the answer is normally yes it will lighten, however, if the ink is polymer based ( the ink is incapsulated in microscopic plastic “pods” ) then its very hit or miss. lightening by re tattooing also harms the skin and could lead to scaring.

      if your serious about having the tattoo made lighter i would recommend laser treatment. . . . . . yes it may cost you a hundred pound or so (if its a smallish tattoo) but 1 or 2 sessions will lighten the tattoo down. many people think that having a tattoo removed is simple. . . . . you walk in have some laser treatment and the tattoos gone, this is not the case, you have to have many sessions which gradually make the tattoo lighter till all the pigment is broken down and re absorbed into the body.

      i hope this helps

    • Deepak says:

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