• Can you get a tattoo while on antibiotics?

    im on my last day of antibiotics for an infected piercing while 3 tablets left, I’m going to tattoo my place later to book a tattoo, wonder if they have time to do it there and then that it will be ok? otherwise the next day would be allowed? IM is on the antibiotics flucloxacillin and it was a course of one week.

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    4 thoughts on “Can you get a tattoo while on antibiotics?

    • chloecharlton60 says:

      Yes, it should be good

    • Ashley O says:

      Its not going to make a difference. In fact, it could help fight an infection that you could get the tattoo itself!

    • Margaret J says:

      It is worth it to wait and place it in any sécurité.Si the dye into your bloodstream, it is bad news.

    • Stasha-pistachio says:

      Wait one week after your last dose of antibiotics. They can thin the blood and prolong guérison.Une week is not long to wait any façonEt need antibiotics in the first place means that your immune system does not feel great, does not need additional pressure from needles. Wait till you’re healthy again:)

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