• can you cover a black tattoo with a colour tattoo?

    I have a black tattoo with a purple shadow and I want to cover it with another tattoo. I want a large climbing clematis up my back over my shoulder and I was wondering can i cover my black tattoo with a colour tattoo?

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    4 thoughts on “can you cover a black tattoo with a colour tattoo?

    • lindsays_wings says:

      It depends on how faded the black is. If it’s VERY worn it could be possible. A general rule with cover up tattoos is that you have to use darker colors to cover up old tattoos. For any tattoo cover ups you should find a good artist in your area that you like their cover up work and ask them what they think would work best.

      You want a cover up tattoo to look like it was the original one there in that place. If you can see any of the old tattoo than it’s not a good cover up.

    • Wyatt says:

      It depends on the size of the old tattoo you’re covering up and the size of the tattoo you’re using to hide it. That black tattoo is going to have to become a black element in your new tattoo. So, yes, you can indeed cover up a black tattoo with a color tattoo, but only if that color tattoo has a black piece the size of the old tattoo.

      So if your old tattoo is the size of a nickel and the new tattoo you want is the size of a posterboard, then you absolutely can. If your old tattoo is the size of an apple and you want a new tattoo the size of a grapefruit, it’s not going to be possible.

    • Domenico says:

      don’t you have enough space??! lol. . . you can anyhow. . .

    • rocketwife says:

      No you can’t. You can only cover with darker ink. What you might be able to do, depending on the size of your current tattoo, is use it as negative space. Without a picture, it’s impossible to answer. But as far as covering black with color, it doesn’t work that way. Draw a picture with a black sharpie, then try to cover it with a different color.

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