• can i use a BIC PEN to hand stencil tattoo?

    bic pen & tattooing
    if not a BIC PEN,why & is there any reg ink pen i can use for stenciling a permanent tattoo???.
    I GOT tattoo ink!i want to know if i can use a INK PIN to STENCIL design on to skin!

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    5 thoughts on “can i use a BIC PEN to hand stencil tattoo?

    • Sarahdactyl says:

      like write on yourself with a pen for a temp tattoo? yeah, sure
      to attempt a real tattoo with a bic pen and a stencil? HELL NO. crazy!!

    • Clo :) says:

      You can draw it on to take a pic to show the artist, or try things out, but seriously – tattoo over it?! God no.

    • James says:

      If you want a permanent tattoo that you do yourself then go online to a website such as www. superiortattoo. com or find a local tattoo supply store that supplies to the general public. Using an ink pen or anything not meant for a tattoo will look like garbage, have the possibility to cause infection, or permanently damage your skin.

    • LINDSEY S says:

      You can use it to draw to draw free hand on the skin just don’t tattoo with pen ink, it can be very toxic to the skin.

    • Martyn says:

      seriously peoples answers lol.

      this guy just wants to know What pen to use to freehand a design on the skin before he tattoo’s over it with a propper machine. dosnt want a carbon print he wants to freehand it first. then tattoo over the free hand design.

      there are pens used spercifically for this get them from tattoo suppliers.

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