• Before having a tattoo can you use anything to make it hurt less?

    i haven’t had a tatto before, but some of my friends have and they have told me how painfull it is. I was wondering if there was any cream that i could use beforehand which numbs the pain, and how much is it? and where can you buy it online?

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    15 thoughts on “Before having a tattoo can you use anything to make it hurt less?

    • 99sHOLD says:

      yeah . . . ask your tattooist for numbing cream. If they don’t have any they will tell you where to get some. When i had my tattoo i was gonna have numbing cream, but they ran out so i just had the tattoo. . its not as bad as you think

    • angelina.martini says:

      No you can’t. . just suck it up. It’s not that bad, and feeling the tattoo is part of the experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      From what I heard it’s not that bad. My girlfriend fell asleep when she got hers. I wouldn’t worry about it too much

    • R says:

      I will get a thumbs down but you could always have some weed. It would relax you also.

      On the other hand if that is not your thing (understandably) then I’ve heard of a cream called anetop cream and ever some tatoo artists put it on their customers themselves so maybe you should look into that.

    • Ruthie says:

      just take the pain!! it’s not so bad, unless you’re skinny and your tat is on your hip bone. yes, it hurt me, but not unbearable ; )

    • Hot 1980's gal says:

      There are only two possible ways:

      1) If you slap the skin first, it reduces the pain. Their is no reason found why this works!

      2) If you use liquid to numb where you’re getting a tattoo (you can get it at your chemist) it will reduce the pain so you feel nothing when your getting the tattoo done. Just inject it to your sking.

      Hope it helps,

      malg. xx

    • Helen says:

      You can buy back pain patches at chemists now and they are like a big sticky plaster , put it on half hour before you get tattoo and only remove it just before and you probably will be to numb to feel anything .

    • sammas858 says:

      Hi, tattoos are not that painfull, and most tattoo parlours have a numbing cream, its normally about £5 per sachet, good luck

    • lisa s says:

      numbin cream ask the tattooist ok

    • Cooking Fat says:

      If you are having a tattoo near to some bone then it will hurt. If you are having it on some muscular flesh such as a bicep then it is as bad as mild sunburn, no need to worry.

    • Paigeybear says:

      Before you get tattooed, the artist will clean the area thoroughly. That means the numbing stuff, if you use it, will come off. And it’s only topical, so you’d still be able to feel things. You’re different than your friends, so it’s no guarantee you’ll feel how they felt. And don’t try to get a tattoo high on anything. You have to sign a waiver saying you’re sober. Being high can actually make it more painful, and weed in particular, can give you adverse effects during/after a tattoo.

      No pain, no gain.

    • Sarah W says:

      It depends on where you are getting your tattoo. The forearm and the shoulders are the least painful spot to get a tattoo. I have a low pain tolerance and I have three tattoos. Don’t take anything, you will see that you were freaking out for nothing. When I was about to get my first I wanted to find some kind of numbing cream. I couldn’t find anything so I just got it and I was freaking out for nothing because it wasn’t that bad.

    • rocketwife says:

      OK, do not use any kind of numbing cream, you put you and the artist at risk. Very FEW artists allow clients to use numbing creams while being tattooed. When you use the numbing cream without informing the artist, you risk numbing their hands, making it impossible to tattoo you. Then, you pay for the tattoo, completed or not, because you violated policies. Then, you would more than likely have to find another shop to get the tattoo finished. I have never been to a shop or known of a shop owner that uses or sells the numbing creams for client use.

    • inkd says:

      if you cant get a tat without a pain relief you don’t deserve one part of getting a tat is being able to deal with the pain try having a baby with no pain meds i did that too. . . seriously

    • HKgirl says:

      Don’t worry too much about the pain. I just had a large piece done on my back (from lower back up to right shoulder). My first tattoo and it lasted 3.5 hours. At the beginning, the sensation was stronger as I was tense and nervous. Then I felt bored and almost fell asleep. Luckily, I had a book with me and I finished three quarters of it at the end! Bring a book or iPod and you’ll be all right. My conclusion is the pain of having a bad tooth fixed is worse!

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