• Skin care for 9 year olds?

    My 9 year old is already developing blackheads around her nose – any suggestions as to what can be used that isn’t too harsh for her young skin. Many thanks.

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    10 thoughts on “Skin care for 9 year olds?

    • lou0810 says:

      try biore strips they should be ok for her

      http://www. boots. com/shop/product_details. jsp?productid=1001609&classificationid=1017956

    • babygal x says:

      try this routine it helped me a lot!!!

      morning- Wash face with only non perfume soap and water
      apply diluted tea tree oil with a cotton wool bud to the affected areas leave on to dry.
      dont wear make up

      night- wash face with water and non perfume soap
      apply sudo cream onto spots leave on over night

      once a week use a deep pour clensing face mask!!
      eat 5 pieces of fruit a day
      drink pleantly of water
      your skin will be clear in no time!
      keep it up even when spots have gone


    • lil miss mischeif says:

      do not squeeze the blackheads out this will leave her with scarred red dry skin something a 9 yr old should not have ! try special black head face scrubs like clean and clear etc if blackheads build up to a huge extent i would go see your GP or invest in a facial heater that will open her pores and will let the blackheads escape [ they may still need squeezing but scarring + redness should not occur as the pores will be open ] these cost about £10-£15 hope this helps good luck

    • shivorny says:

      Firstly, blackhead removal is an ongoing thing, one treatment won’t get rid of them, it needs to be kept up with regularly because the skin shed’s cells and blocks up regularly.

      I strongly wouldn’t suggest using anything right now, any doctor will tell you, it isn’t a good idea to introduce your daughter at 9 years of age to a regular beauty regime of removing blackheads, not just because of her delicate skin but psychologically. It would create an issue about her appearance, you do not want to confuse her that she’s ugly with blackhead’s and needs to to use products to look pretty again, she won’t be old enough to understand it yet, i’d leave it until she’s as least 12 and can make up her own mind. If she starts to develop whiteheads, then see your doctor, as this could indicate a hormonal problem, and the onset of early puberty

      Blackhead’s are not very visible, unless you look at them from very close. But nobody will be looking at her that closely all the time, so please leave it

    • kelly e says:

      Both my son and daughter use the acne lines by Arbonne because their MD said the ingredients in them aren’t nearly as harsh as most brands on the market – and it got them in the habit of a face regime – my daughter is 11 and plays a lot of sports, so her face is a mess some days. My son is 13 –
      he goes back and forth with acne free and this line but does take the daily supplement – it comes with – (all natural herbs and vitamins). .

      Worth mentioning as a mom to a mom and a nurse/skin care consultant.
      Make sure whatever you do settle with it’s pure and natural and they do it twice a day.

    • RMS says:

      Just wash you face five times a day darling. . . . you will be fine. . . Muaaaaaaaaaah

    • abbysamnme says:

      I would use Arbonne products – they are made out of botanicals and herbs and are great for your skin. I would recommend the Clear Advantage Acne line if you feel acne is really developing or maybe she just needs a great skin care regimen – then I would suggest the Intelligence line. It has a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (eye cream – which could be a bonus for you!) and a masque that helps keep her skin smooth and clear.

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