• I think my tattoo is not healing properly or has healed wrong?

    Ive had my tattoo 3 weeks and 3 days as something I had done on June 23, it now appears wrinkled and not real, its hard to explain how it looks, because if I try to take a picture, it does not really show up!, I look at my tattoo in the mirror, as on my back, it seems very wrinkled and faded, perhaps too wrinkled to me its more of his steps, he could be tissue thats scar formed, ive been told many thingss its last layer of skin, I took really good care of, I originally was put Bepanthem but now Im to E45 it and trying to moisturize better than I can. As I look in the mirror too it seems to me not to go, he went wrinkerly about a week ago and has still not disappeared, and I’ve been mosturising. I just hope it is not wrong, my tattoo’s mainly black with red, black lines are not lines, thick lines cogens it if im not sure. can someone help me please? x

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    2 thoughts on “I think my tattoo is not healing properly or has healed wrong?

    • Devon says:

      Visit either the artist who did your tattoo (which may be able to explain what is happening and why) or your doctor (who may be able to deal with).

    • Ruby Mendez says:

      I’m covered with tattoos and what happened to me a few times. Red is the color most difficult to cure. Idk why. Just the way it is. What do I do now is apply the cream until it starts peeling. Even then, I just put a thin layer once a day. A tattoo is like a cup, it will never heal if its too wet constantly. I know everyone tells you otherwise, but I used to work in a shop and we would like to tell all as. My tattoos wrinkled took time to heal, but they are all beautiful now. : D For the future, a very thin layer of Aquaphor (Walmart) or h2ocean (most tattoo shops, HotTopic) is preferable to use. Trust me. It will look good soon!

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