• Best skin lotion/moisturiser for Penis & genital area?

    Been shaving everything off down there for a while now.

    Want to take best care of everything.

    What products are recommended please?

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    7 thoughts on “Best skin lotion/moisturiser for Penis & genital area?

    • Oh dannyBoi says:


    • sailor says:

      Paint stripper

    • Julia H says:


    • Feralâ„¢ says:

      http://www. bikinizone. com/after-shave. shtml#lotion

    • Vicky says:

      baby oil, its the best really moisturiser.

    • toxic tone says:

      I think you are in urgent need of the kind of ‘services’ provided by Yul Brynner’s Barber, Sting’s Tantric Specialist, and, Cameron Diaz’s Dermatologist!

    • Michael Eighmey says:

      I must say that this is by far the best hair pomade or paste that I have ever used. I used LA Looks gel for the longest time but that always ended up flaking out and making me look like I had dandruff by the end of the day. Before this I used Crew Pomade, a good product but not quite as lasting and effective as I would like. It didn’t hold by late afternoon when I needed it to work all day. Dirt is the first product I have used where I can’t feel that it is there. This is the first time that my hair doesn’t feel like it’s loaded down with product. With gel I always had to use so much to make it hold all day that I felt like I had helmet hair and pomades felt heavy and would just stop holding. I am a waiter in a busy restaurant and that is a really good test for any hair care product because I’m always on the move and my hair has to withstand steam and heat. While this product costs more you don’t have to use nearly as much as a pomade or gel so it lasts much longer. After reading the review that said this left a grease stain on a pillow I must say this person must have greasy hair to begin with and then smeared half of the container on their head. I put on what I consider to be an excess amount and couldn’t get it to leave a stain on anything. For a guy like me with hair that is a little bit over an inch, you really only need a very small amount, a dab less than the size of a dime rubbed in your palms. This stuff isn’t gel or sculpting foam and shouldn’t be used in the quantities that those products are used. This stuff also smells better than any hair care product I have ever encountered.Rating: 5 / 5

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