• Why do my pierced earring holes smell all the time?

    I clean them daily, what is going on. I don’t like being known as stink ear.
    I clean my stainless steel sleeper earrings in rubbing alcohol and wash my ears with soap and water, there is no infection present, I know when my ears are infected. They just seem to smell funky.

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    15 thoughts on “Why do my pierced earring holes smell all the time?

    • Lucy says:

      Thats the same with me!! Idk whats going on?!

    • Vajradharma says:

      That could possibly be an infection. Maybe try some anti-biotics. . ?

    • bizzy says:


    • Sara says:

      It could be a unknown infection. Make sure you clean the earring aswell as your ear every day, and keep a look out for signs of infection

    • naturalbabyxo says:

      Im not sure, maybe the smell of the metal causing friction on your ear? Go to the chemist, drug store or pharmacy and get proper ear piercing cleaning stuff. Its a bit like a cream.

    • Amanda says:

      i would try a different pair of earings. try a silver or gold pair

    • Pink Hippo. ♥Diva♥ says:

      I get this with my nostril piercing and it is quite common. The smell comes from a build-up of dead skin cells, oils, debris, and bacteria that feed off the cells. This happens with every piercing. Try cleaning the jewelry twice single day. I’m sure no one else can smell it but you. Is it surgical stainless steel, you could try solid gold earrings.


    • Frau Cerra says:

      Stink EAR?!. . . HAH. . . haha. . . lmaooooo!!
      Okay, yeah that really must suck for you :/
      But yeah, same thing happened to me
      and a friend told me to put neosporin on
      it after i washed them for a couple minutes
      and it worked :] see if it works for you. (:

    • ♥HEARTS 808♥ TROPICAL BABE♥ says:

      Don’t screw the back of your earrings on so tight. When they are to tight you get subbaceous build up. ,Also if you clean them several times a week with alcohol and dip your posts in Neosporin before you put them through your ears it will help tremendously!

    • Gone fishin' says:

      You are just a natural stinker.

    • Crazy Dude Petey Petey Petey says:

      it a chemical reaction between the stainless steel and your skin or sweat, i have the same problem anytime I work with stainless i get a funky odor . . . . . . . . unfortuneatly there is nothing you can do but wash with soap and water. . . . . . . . . . . .

    • Lil ole me says:

      Isn’t it difficult to smell your ears?

    • Thumper says:

      my daughter and I are both allergic to nickel in some ear rings and we get a nasty smell at the actual piercing if we wear ear rings with nickel in them. That might be it. Could also be aliens visiting you in the middle of the night and planting alien sprem on your ears. Just sayin. . .
      many possibilities out there. . . .

    • Jilibean says:

      I would suggest trying 14K and see if you still have the problem. I think it’s an allergy reaction as well. My oldest can only wear 14K, even sterling gives her grief.

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