• What’s the best type of salt to use on a navel piercing?

    I just got my navel pierced last sat for my Bday and I was wondering when you do a salt soak on your navel what type of salt you can use. I keep hearing different things and it be nice to know what exactly works for different people.

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    24 thoughts on “What’s the best type of salt to use on a navel piercing?

    • the4tjs says:

      sea salt, non coarse, its what i used on my nose piercing, worked wonders. . .

    • Ness says:

      I clean it with regular table salt. . works for me

    • miklo1984 says:

      My own personel saliva salt, i’ll be willing to let you have a free trial offer.

    • tysavage2001 says:

      Koscher Salt. Good Luck! :)

    • Dzee says:

      Most piercers will recommend sea salt. It’s what I used on my temple piercing and monroe. I picked some up at the organic foods store. You can also get pre-packaged sea salt wipes and sprays from sites like www. tribaletic. com (or is it tribalectic?) and www. painfulpleasures. com.

    • ambrosia d says:

      Try to find “eau dakin” if it can be found in your country. Also, any salt has antiseptic properties, anything will do. I prefer sea salt over iodized.

    • jonny be good says:

      Doesn’t matter as its the fact that it sterilises both the water and the cut that matters, all salt will do that as its a natural preservative.

    • missie says:

      When I got mine pierced about 2 years ago, they said to use dial soap twice a day. They didnt mention any kind of salt soaks.

    • Craig Mcdonald 101 says:

      none of them you can get a good medical solution from most good piercers for that to bath it in

    • Dr. Max says:

      I’ve been peircing for years. . . and although I like sea salt best, any clean salt works just fine. You want the saltyness about the same as your tears- or sea water and you want ti pretty warm, at least 4 times a day. It really helps them heal!

    • LilMiSsDiVa says:

      They say to use sea salt, but I always used table salt, and mine has always been fine.

    • junkmonkey1983 says:

      Just normal sea salt. Mix 2 tablespoons of it into a pint of warm (not hot) water until it dissolves (the mixture is called Saline) and you can use that as a cleansing solution.

      Any of the Saline you don’t use that day can be kept and used another day, though only keep for up to 3 days before making fresh as it will gather dust etc. . .

    • Rixstar says:

      Use sea salt, it doesn’t matter what type – disolve it in warm water, and try not to move the jewellery when you clean it as you can get dirt into the piercing and it’ll get infected.

      Good luck!

    • h_tidewell says:

      You should use 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt in 8 oz of very warm water. Make sure to check the ingredients. It should only be sea salt. . . no anti-caking agents. You soak for 5-10 minutes and do that twice a day. This solution is tested by piercers and doctors and is found to be pH balanced to your body so it helps to draw out impurities in your piercing and soothes it at the same time. It also promotes bloodflow which helps to heal the piercing. You can check tribalectic. com for more information about this.

      P. S. Why didn’t your piercer give you directions?

    • krazy4hd says:

      my piercer recommends sea salt (most do) – worked wonders for me.

      p. s. it’s weird you didn’t get proper aftercare instrux from yours. take care!

    • chad michaels says:

      you don’t really need salt. keep it clean with soap and water. its like a tattoo,Its the scabbing and open wound that causes infection so keep it clean and you’ll be grand!!!!!

    • meg says:

      you can just go to any store and buy some contact lense solution. that is what i used when i had got my lip pierced. just soke, a paper towel or even a cotton pad or ball will work, with the saline solution and then squeeze some on your piercing and then since it’s your navel, lay down and let the towel or whatever you are using rest on your piercing for a few minutes. then gently dry the area. do this two or three times a day. it will heal much faster. also becareful not to let any shampoo or bodywash and stuff get on it in the shower. it’s best to buy some liquid regular dial antibacterial soap and use that to wash when you take a shower.

    • DAZZAROO says:

      A mild saline solution is recommended. Table salt can be too harsh and drying. I use contact lense saline in a can that way it is all sterile. It works really well and cuts the healing time in half. I have 22 piercings.

    • crazychicklisieloo says:

      Salt comes in different forms I guess, but they all do the same job sweetie. You just get a little lid or tub of some kind, with salt and warm water, then swill it round your belly bar. Or use cotton wool. You can also use savlon spray, that’s quite good, as long as you keep it clean you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Once you allowed to take the bar out make sure you clean the bar aswel. xx

    • funky rocker says:

      I used table salt mixed with warm water that was good, i also used tea tree cleanser, tea tree is a natural antiseptic.
      You can get tea tree from The Body Shop.

    • roflcopter pilot says:

      Sea salt. If you use epsom salt or table salt, you will be in a world of pain and dry, nasty skin. Saline ( like contact solution ) can be used but brands can be picky and you might wind up with something that has extra weird chemicals in it. I don’t recommend saline unless you CAN NOT find anything else. Mild antibacterial soap and water should be fine, you don’t HAVE to use sea salt soaks. Your piercer did a poor job of explaining aftercare. Please do not go back.

      If you use sea salt soaks, the mixture should be with warm water and taste similar to that of tears.

    • Firefly says:

      sea salt.

    • Kitty says:

      i think that sea salt would be best and use twice a day!

    • Stephanie J says:

      I bought an antiseptic wash from the place I had it done and just to be safe I used savlon antiseptic spray after. I was very paranoid about infection after watching the Corrie storyline where Sarah Loiuse’s went bad!!!

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