• What is this lump doing around my new tongue piercing?

    I got my piercing don 5 days ago and this lump started showing up around my piercing.
    It can’t be an infection because i clean my mouth every time i eat. I’m really scared is it normal???

    http://www. flickr. com/photos/46118957@N02/4234101173/
    LOL! my tongue isn’t dirty! The yellow stain is actually from my mouthwash! but thank anyway!

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    4 thoughts on “What is this lump doing around my new tongue piercing?

    • happymumof2boys says:

      I got the same when i got mine pierced years ago. It’s just the muscle around the piercing repairing itself. Just keep an eye on it. If it gets any bigger or painful take the bar out straightaway and leave it out. Should be ok tho. Good luck. x

    • Tay M says:

      it mite be a Cliod and even if you clean it everyday you still mite have an infection. It helps to no if the person who did your piercing cleaned their materials before you actually got the piercing done.

    • `xo says:

      that happened to me, i still have it:/
      but it’s like, really small and you only notice it if you stare at the hole for 10 minutes trying to find something abnormal xD
      your tongue looks kind of dirty, no offence. use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean it, and around your tongue piercing. just to minimize the chance of infection even more

      Edit: hahaa, sorry. my mistake xD

    • Andrew says:

      It is your body telling you not to do these things?

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