• How old do you have to be to get a septum piercing?

    I’m 13 and I really want my septum pierced, my mother has taken into consideration. I live in Aberdeen and I’m not sure if there is a shop that pierce my septum

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    11 thoughts on “How old do you have to be to get a septum piercing?

    • ♥Emily♥ says:

      16 with parental consent, but I’ve known people younger who received piercings, their parents said they were 16 though. if your mom would have to lie to you to faire.la Most tattoo shops do piercings

    • Stasha-Pistachio says:

      Its discreet shop. Just demander.Royaume Kingdom, you can get piercings at age 16 without consent, but you’ll need to take a parent with you under that. There is really no specific laws Piercing Piercing, except those under 16 need the consent parental.A many locations will allow 14 + piercings with permission parentale.Certains areas could 13yo Pierce? And some stores do not let person under the foot in the stage 16/18 boutique.Juste ring around, or send an e-mail and see what they say.

    • anarchist says:

      um im not sure how it is in the United Kingdom, but in the U. S his 16 years with the consent and 18 sansmon store and most stores will not let anyone under 18 come in unless your with a parent unless they came for the jewels

    • Steez D says:

      Ew do not do it.

    • ~ Kate ~ says:

      You may be able to do it at 13 with parental consent and proof of identity. The best thing to do is contact your piercer enqurire vf

    • jane says:

      me and my bf pierced ourselves. but I do not recommend it. . . Try asking your friends and see if they know people. clean with warm salt water when you get to! trust me. . . its better than anything else.

    • Turdface says:

      I got mine when I was 12 with parental consent in a tattoo shop in the UK, I would go into a tattoo shop because they are more likely to do a 13 year old.

    • tekno says:

      16.A 16 years, legally, you can get any piercing you want without the consent (as long as you have proper identification to be made) under 16 years and you need parental consent for that it is done and I do not doubt someones Pierce septum decent studio just 13.

    • hoe fo' sho says:

      I was 16 when I did. I live just to be 16 to get a piercing without parental consent.

    • Caterina Schonert says:

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