• How much does it cost to get an ear piercing at Claires?

    I wanna get a second ear lobe piercing. I’m aware that it’s free to get pierced and you only pay for the earrings, so can you tell me what earrings you chose and how much it was altogether?

    Don’t tell me not to go to Claire’s. . . I had my first ear piercing there 8 years ago & never had a problem. Just can’t remember the cost of it.

    Thanks =]

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    7 thoughts on “How much does it cost to get an ear piercing at Claires?

    • Munky says:

      totally clueless about piercings are you? good luck with the piercing gun.

    • Divine and Sublime says:

      $30. 00-$50. 00 depending on the earrings that you choose.

    • Amy. says:

      I had my second ear lobe piercing a couple of weeks ago at Claires :)

      The cheapest set were like £15 but they were just plain gold/silver.
      I think the most expensive were £40
      I had ones that cost £25, just little gold plated ones with a coloured dimond in :)

    • Rawwr. :) says:

      It probably just depends on what earrings you get.

      I’m gonna say it anyway, GO TO A PROFESSIONAL! They know what they’re doing. And you’ll be getting it done with a gun, which can get stuck if they do not know what they are doing.

    • Tammi says:

      800 bucks :) :) :)

    • Claire says:

      It costs about £15-£30 in there I think.
      Although I really would say don’t go there coz they are not properly trained and a piercing gun can ruin your ears. . . . have you heard of cauliflower ear? It’s really ugly and you cant make it go away and thats what the guns can do to you.
      Oh well. . . your ears. . . your choice I suppose.

    • Liza says:

      I paid £60 for my daughter’s ears pierced I think that is extortionate! And so does everyone else I have spoken to, also no prices were displayed.

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