• How many weeks did you wait before you can change your nose piercing?

    I want to get my nose pierced? in the initial registration week of vacation, but I need to change to a piercing clear to the eye school. The holiday is three weeks, will it be enough time?

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    5 thoughts on “How many weeks did you wait before you can change your nose piercing?

    • Steph says:

      Pr? Which Saddle to wait 6 weeks because it can be brought foul? / Gu? Rissent properly if you change too early? T. So I did as soon as possible if your s? Rious? this subject.

    • duermo says:

      it takes about 2 months for gu enough to die. sometimes more. if you change it too early? t, before it is gu? ri, the hole could decline, which makes it SUPER painful? and remove? to piercings. It could? Also? Be infected? or do a bump? form if you change it too early? t. I had mine for 3 months and it still hurts from time to time, I do not think I’ll change it for a while. Oh, and if you take it out and let c t? for some time, as a few hours, it could close. id is recommended? to do so for a moment o? you have some time to let gu enough to die properly.

    • Jenna H says:

      I would wait a minimum of 12 weeks. Any piercing of the cartilage will take some time? gu? irb. Once you think it is gu? Laughed give it another month and he can be brought gu? Laughed.

    • Rita says:

      2-3 weeks for the change

    • m.forsberg says:

      I agree with Jenna H. Any cartilage piercing going? Be a gu? Slow healer. 4 months is a minimum for the gu? Rison. Up? 6 months is normal. I know a million people will tell you four weeks, but keep? mind, it gu? laughs at the outer? ter in 4 weeks or the outer? Interior appears t gu? laughed, but the int? Interior still has a long way? go. Change it to a clear d? s entered can have dinner for problems? my. My best advice would be to get a piercing you? Or your authorized? ? have? the eye or the school which is easier? hide. Having a scar on the face is certainly not helpful to look cute for a few semaines.Vous can? Also ask? yours? school for some time for it gu? risse. Explain how long it takes and see if they will allow you to glide through the remaining weeks up? you can change to a clear text. You never know, they can thank you for taking an adult approach and discuss with them.

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