• How long will it take until i can change my tragus piercing?

    okay i know i won’t be able to change it now,
    i’ve had it pierced 1 month tomorrow.
    but how long will it change until i can change the stud?
    thanks. :)
    how long will it take until i can change the stud *

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    3 thoughts on “How long will it take until i can change my tragus piercing?

    • ‚ô•Autumn says:

      I changed mine after about a month and a half. You can change it after 6-8 weeks unless your piercer told you otherwise. To be extra safe, the general rule is to wait 3 months, but that is too long for most people who have piercings. I know I get anxious and want to change the jewelery early.

    • lucy says:

      My piercer told me to keep my tragus piercing in for 3months so 12 weeks, i changed my in 11weeks. . but i put a gold stud into it because its a purer metal. So i’d wait atleast 11/12 weeks, and until your sure it doesnt hurt and is healed. :) hope this helps!

    • pelican says:

      You should wait at least 3 to 6 months before you change it if you want to keep it. A tragus piercing is delicate. Check this site.

      http://www. body-jewelry-useek. com/1202-tragus-piercing. htm

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