• how long will it take for the lip piercing swelling to go down?

    i got my lip pierced 34 hours ago and the swelling hasn’t gone down yet,it’s the bottom right of my lip,when will the swelling go down,it doesn’t seem to be infected and it’s not soar but i’m doing my j. c tomorrow and don’t want to go in with a swollen lip. please only answer if you went through this experience or are an experienced piercer. thanks x
    and also what will make swelling go down?just tel me the most important ones.

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    8 thoughts on “how long will it take for the lip piercing swelling to go down?

    • Gymnasticsferlife. says:

      umm the swelling for mine went done in about 2-3 days. but it could take up to a week.

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    • Heather says:

      3 days max. . . . when I got mine done only half my lip was swollen and it looked so wierd. . . but by day 3 the swelling was gone. I recommend using and ice pack for 20 mins or so every once in a while. make sure you rinsing your mouth out after you eat and drink to prevent infection and prolonging the swelling. also turn it from inside your lip and play with so it wont feel so tender. lip rings are too cute hope the swelling is gone tomorrow!

    • skittles says:

      buy painkillers with IB profen (sorry about my spelling) in it, IB profen helps the swelling go down, i think Advil has this in it. I assume your doing salt water soaks and all of that, chewing ice helps or just carrying around a cold bottle of water and sipping that can calm the swelling.
      Avoid touching it apart from when your cleaning it morning and night or after eating if you need to.
      Theres a mouthwash you can get where i live, its pink and on the bottle it says it can be used after you’ve had dental work or oral surgery, it helps reduce swelling. Just go to a chemist and explain your looking for a mouthwash which will reduce swelling and im sure they’ll have something for you :) Oh the mouthwash is called Difflam C
      http://www. healthchemist. co. nz/mm5/graphics/00000001/large_2_312835. jpg
      theres a picture of it. :)

    • Daize says:

      It will just take a few days. .

      Using ice to lower swelling, staying away from caffeine drinks (even stuff like coke), no spicy stuff, aspirin painkillers. . this can help lower the swelling.

    • GOT PLAGUE? says:

      Swelling on a new piercing (especially an oral one) is completely normal for the first few days.
      There are two simple steps to help the swelling as much as possible,
      – Don’t play with the jewelery AS TEMPTING as it may be
      – Keep cleaning the piercing to help it heal

    • maisie666 says:

      definitley no more then 3 days. mine went down almost completely after 24 hours.

    • xx_loser_kid_xx says:

      the swelling differs between people, some swell loads, others don’t swell at all.

      Im sure its not infected but here are some tips:

      -Don’t bite on the bar

      -Wash mouth out with watered down non alcoholic mouth wash after everything you eat, smoke, drink and kiss

      -Wash hands before you touch it

      Hold ice on it and suck on ice cubes & drink icey drinks

      -Do a hot sea salt compress (shot glass of hot water & a tea spoon of sea salt-not table salt-put cotton wool ball in solution and hold on piercing 5 minutes twice a day)

      -Take an ibuprofen if it hurts as they get rid of pain & help with swelling, but don’t take too many as they aren’t good for you

      -Give it around 6-8 weeks to heal, don’t change the jewellery before hand

      All the best xxx

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