• How long should I keep the original stud in after a nose piercing?

    I had my nose pierced last saturday and really don’t like the stud they put in. I have bought a new one and was told by the piercer to wait 12 weeks before changing it. That seems a bit excessive, I’m sure I only had to wait 6 weeks when I had my ears done.

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    17 thoughts on “How long should I keep the original stud in after a nose piercing?

    • ToneTigger says:

      I changed mine straight away, but if u do this make sure u use a titanium, silver or Gold nose stud.

    • bunnie says:

      until the bruising and swelling go down about 3 to 6 weeks it verrys or if your like me i took mine out and changed it in a week and a half. . but it hurt so id wait 3 to 6 before id do anything

    • hana woo says:

      you can change it within about 3 weeks, but saying that when i had mine done i got home that same day and swapped it over! you’ve got to be quick as it heals really fast but if you can take the slight discomfort then get it changed!

      i hated the fat stud they used on me too!

    • pattiof says:

      Listen to them they know what they are talking about. The stud they put in your nose is surgical steel at a better grade then what you buy at the store. I know is ugly but do you want an infection and have to take it out and have an ugly scar.

      I have had mine done three years now and I didn’t take mine out for almost a year. But, I can still get it in if I like. . the longer you leave it in the better trust me!

    • Big D says:

      i would wait at least 6 weeks because i tried to change mine after 3 weeks and it hurt so bad, it started to bleed and i had to go back to the guy that did it and have him put it in.

    • bbwbabe74 says:

      Cartilage piercings are muc more prone to infections than skin piercings, hence the twelve week wait

      You shouldnt jigger about with it as the hole may get infected or change shape if the new one you have is made from cheap metal or has an allergenic effect

      You also need to observe a longer period of time when keeping other nose rings in after the twelve weeks.

      You can go without earrings at all after about 6 months with skin piercings but for cartilage piercings the hole will still close until twelve months has elapsed if you leave it empty

      Trust me if you get an infection the scar it can leave will make the fact that you dont like this piercing much seem like nothing

      leave it well alone!

    • linney says:

      i would say only like 8 weeks. i think all piercings are different when it come to how long to leave the first stud in for. i would say that if everything is going fine with it in about 6 to 8 weeks then you could probably change it.

    • candyapplehottiegirl says:

      i used the same stud until the swelling went down which was about 2 or 3 weeks

    • sami says:

      6 weeks is long enough

    • *atomickitty* says:

      ears & nose are 2 totally different things. . . u should wait until your nose is fully healed before u try changing the jewelry, & everyone`s body heals at a different rate. . . 12 weeks does not sound excessive to me. . . it`s possible it will heal before then (or it might even take longer!), but i would definitely wait at least 8 weeks & go back to have the piercer check it to make completely sure everything`s ok before changing the jewelry. . .

    • sunfir26 says:

      12 weeks is excessive! 6 is fine. I really wouldn’t touch it just yet, if you do, be prepared for it to possibly get infected. The tissue in that area is super sensitive, like with any piercing. I would say it’s safe to change it when it stops getting crusty. Just take out the stud verrrrry carefully and make sure it’s lubricated.

    • angie c says:

      there is a reson why they tell u to wait 12 weeks its only 3 months if u dont want a infection, trust me . . . . . . . .

    • agent flora says:

      I think its 6 weeks too, but if they’ve recommended longer then stick with what they’ve said xx

    • kazzalee123 says:

      Wait until it is loose and you can move it up and down freely. If you don’t when you go to swap it over,your skin will heal up and you will have to practically pierce it yourself. It hurts like hell-trust me!I am the voice of experience :S x

    • buffy says:

      i think its 3 months because a nose piercing is different to a ear piercing.

    • stone_angel11 says:

      wait for 6 weeks to change it hunny,or you run the risk of infection. trust me i know. i hated my nose stud to when i had mine done,because i tried to swap it to a diamond 1 it got infected,and good god did it hurt. didn’t look that pretty either with yellow stuff coming out of the side of the nose stud. at least wait till the swelling and soreness has gone before attempting to change it. also little tip,make sure you get a nose stud with a little ball on the end,its a lot better at keeping the stud in,cause i lost several when i used the wire ended ones. best of luck xx

    • nymphetamine1978 says:

      Noses and ears are very different (although you should have been told to wait at least 8 weeks, preferably 10 for the ears). 12 weeks is pretty well what we all recomend for nostril piercings. If you change it before that, you can damage the fistula and build up scar tissue – the dreaded ‘nose bump’ Be patient, and wait the full 12 weeks

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