• How long does it take about a tragus piercing to heal?

    Well the piercer told me he would take up to six weeks that I do not know which is true. My scaffold is expected to take between two months and one year is just a cartilage piercing as my tragus. In addition, I’ve been looking on websites and they all said it takes two months to one year. Do I trust my piercer?

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    9 thoughts on “How long does it take about a tragus piercing to heal?

    • Valkyrie says:

      I would think the skin around the cartilage will heal in that amount of time. Most piercers have SERIOUS piercings and consider the tragus a minor thing–you and I KNOW it hurts!!

    • ?! says:

      I had mine done about 4 years ago and it sometimes still hurts, I don’t think the cartilidge ever completely heals. It’s best to just leave for a couple of Months and then put in your preffered earring and leave it alone – obviously it needs cleaning every now and then!!

    • hunnybunny197419741 says:

      i had mine done nearly a year ago and it got infected my whole right side of my face swelled up it went down after a few days and is perfect now no pain at all but it did really hurt when i had it done

    • r_e_a_l_miles says:

      According to one source: 2 month to a year to fully heal.

    • pierced_chick123 says:

      All cartilage piercings take longer to heal. Each person will vary so maybe what your piercer was telling you is teh standard that they go by. As in don’t change teh jewelry before 6 weeks. From what I’ve heard/seen and with my own experiences, most do take up to a full year. I have however seen some that take only a few months. Just keep up with teh cleaning and you’ll be fine.

      As for trusting, thats up to you. Wad your piercer good at what he/she did? Were they clean? Did you find their advice helpful? you should be asking yourself questions like this. For my piercer what got me to really trust her is I had this really bad infection with my belly button where it looked like the skin was trying to come out (ya it looked nasty). She gave me this solution to use and within 2 days it was gone and after that I never had nay problems with my belly button, this was over 5 years ago, closer to 6. Ever since that she has been my piercer and I don’t trust anyone else.

    • Sonya says:

      After 6 weeks, you have a LIGHT heal – usually enough to be able to change out the jewelry in the piercing. It doesn’t have a full heal on it for close to 6 months to a year because although the area gets significant blood flow, the veins are so small that it can’t bring oxygen to the area to assist in the healing of it.

      The interior of the piercing is what takes the longest to heal – the outer edges may look and feel completely normal, but the inside is still a light layer of skin and completely tender until the heal is complete.

    • Tinkerbell says:

      hey, I got told it could take from 2 weeks to 6 months and mine has been nearly a year now and its still not healed :( its so annoying, when you have it i think Zinc tablets and cleaning it twice a day with (rock) salt water (rock salt because its natural and theres no chemicals in it) and just leave it alone. hopefully it will heal faster, but because its quite thick cartalidge etc it’ll prob take quite a while to heal.

      Hope ive helped xXx

    • Kerry84 says:

      I guess everyone’s different coz mine only took a few months to heal. I changed the ring after about 6 weeks and I’d say within 3-4 months it was fully healed. I’ve had mine for about 6 or 7 years now and have never had any problems with it.

    • Neve says:

      it should take 6-12 months.
      piercings heal from the outside in..
      be patient, keep cleaning it, and dont remove the jewelry yet..
      the tragus does heal better, when the right jewelry is used, like a stud or barbell, if u have a ring/hoop it will take longer to heal..

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