• How long does a lip piercing take to heal?

    I got my lip pierced yesterday but I want to know how long it will take to heal to the point were I can put a retainer in for school and change it back to the normal stud on weekends.

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    8 thoughts on “How long does a lip piercing take to heal?

    • indie.x says:

      On average its usually about 6-8 weeks. Swelling & redness might heal sooner, but it will take longer til you can take it out/ wear a retainer. You could maybe wear a clear ball in the time being, to make it less obvious for school :)

    • Jenny says:

      my friend said in about a week its already like that. so it heals quite quickly.

    • Joanna says:

      no seriously don’t listen to these people.
      if you want to be completely safe you have to wait at least 6months before taking it out
      and it should be ok to put your retainer in after all the swelling goes down but really don’t take it out.
      I had mine don’t and i got told not to take it out until they are sure its healed if you take it out and put another piece of jewelery in its place it may reject the piercing and end up going bad.
      seriously now.

    • tekno says:

      3-6 months healing.
      after 2 weeks you can get the bar downsized
      www. bodyjewelleryshop. com
      get a bioplast/ptfe stud from here, and your piercer can thread it for you, meaning that when it comes to school, all you need is to remove the bead and you have a retainer =D
      bioplast/ptfe is usually clear plastic, and if you are only removing the bead it means you are putting less stress on the piercing which will be good in the long run.

    • Mandycake says:

      My piercer always advises people that any piercing needs about 12 weeks to heal completely before you can change the jewellery. If you change it before that time it can get infected quickly as it’s still prone to infection. My friend made this mistake and soon regretted it! It may sound like a long time but it’s worth the wait to make sure it’s healed. Some people take longer to heal, it’s a personal thing, so if you think it’s not ready after 12 weeks then leave it longer. What worries me is that your piercer should have told you all of this, I really hope you went to a professional. Remember to clean it 2 times a day with clean hands using an antiseptic spray such as Savlon, but not a cream as it can clog the hole up and take longer to heal. Then you should be fine.

    • kid who wears purple says:

      it takes around a month to heal
      retainers are bad news unless they are glass or quartz
      plastic is too porous and gets embedded easily
      i’d wait about 2 months before changing the jewelery especially to a retainer

    • Jon says:

      I’m in the military and i got mine done on a friday had to change to a retainer for tuesday morning… it was already healed and i havent had any problems with it at all. my piercer said if i took ibuprofen drank cold water and swigged mouthwash i’d be fine.

    • Paige says:

      Normally a lip piercing takes about 4-6 weeks to heal. It can take longer though, up to 6 months to fully heal. It really depends on how well your body takes to the piercing. But you can probably change the piercing once a week after about 5 weeks of having the original piercing in. Justdont leave the piercing out for to long otherwise the hole will start to close up.

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