• How do you know when a cartilage piercing is healed?

    I got mine pierced 5 weeks ago. I’ve been cleaning it every day just like instructed. It doesn’t hurt anymore at all to touch (cleaning it). I’ve also rolled over onto it a few times in bed recently and I can’t even feel it. But I still don’t really think it’s healed because it’s only been 5 weeks. Any advice? Thanks

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    7 thoughts on “How do you know when a cartilage piercing is healed?

    • *o/*cheerleader*o/* says:

      i got mine pierced like the middle of march
      and ive been cleaning it and everything
      and i went to have it checked last weekend like i was supposed to
      and everything was good
      but when i first got it they said i had to leave it in for 3 months
      so thats what im gonna do just to be on the safe side :)

    • JozieB says:

      Ive got about 7 holes in each ear – the ones in the cartilage heal quicker than the ones lower down in flesh – make sure you clean it with surgical spirits every day and turn the earring in the whole often – which I’m sure you’ve been doing anyway to get to this point! it is healed if it isnt sore and it doesnt have pus coming out any more. The longer you have your earrings in the longer the holes stay open. If you do take the earring out, the hole in the cartilage will diminish in size eventually but you can alsways still push a stud through and stretch them.

    • Brittany says:

      Cartilage piercings take 3-6 months to completely heal. Yours might seem that way but just because it doesn’t hurt anymore doesn’t mean it is healed. Piercings heal from the outside in so the outside may seem healed at one point but that doesn’t mean that the inside is. You’ll know when it is completely healed. Just keep cleaning it (hopefully you’re doing sea salt soaks or saline soaks for cleaning) and don’t mess with the jewelry.

    • Emma Louise' Has returned (: says:

      when its not sore, no lymph or anything else. it takes about 6 months to heal fully.

    • PrincessBarbie says:

      Cartilage piercings can be funny things. My scaffold didnt heal properly for almost a year (maybe due to it pierced wrong or me messing with it) and still has lumps on it. My rook has taken a while to heal but seems to be almost there with the odd scabs and stuff. All I can say is to keep a check on it and you will know, as someone has said already, when it is healed. I spoke to someone the other day who said that all of her piercings that are less than 5 years old occasionally flare up when shes stressed etc.

      Just keep cleaning it and dont mess too much with the stud/bar as this could cause a keloid (lump). I am using an oil with lavender in it and it seems to be helping a lot with the healing of my new conch piercing.

    • Bean says:

      Cartilage piercings take 6-12 months to heal fully, they heal from the outside in so it is hard to tell when it is healed. Keep on doing the salt water soaks twice a day and do not go touching and fiddling with the jewellery, if you happen to have had it pierced with a gun (in future do NOT do this) it can take longer to heal.
      You should not change the jewellery until it has healed as it is a specific material.

    • emma‚ô• says:

      typically its 8 weeks to take out. i got my auricle pierced about 9 weeks ago and it still hurts a bit, but i take it out and stuff. i wouldn’t leave it out over night cuz it’ll close up so just leave it.

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