• how can i do a monroe piercing at home?

    i want to get a monroe piercing but i dont want to get it done and pay for it i want to do it by myself what would i need?
    how much time do i have to wait till it heals>?

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    15 thoughts on “how can i do a monroe piercing at home?

    • rua_718 says:

      well 1 it well get infected doing it yourself and not look right and 2 it is an ugly piercing anyways

      save the money and go to a pro. . they know how to do it the right way

    • footyfan_stoke says:

      Best get it done profesionally, then if anything goes wrong you and your fat lip can sue, lol!

    • waterskater says:

      Probably not such a good idea, unless you happen to have sterilized surgical steel hanging around. Which I’m guessing you don’t.

    • The funny thing is.... says:

      peircings can be pricey, this is true. . . but use some common sense!! better to pay for a professional than pay for a hospital bill down the line!! gross.

    • nichol513 says:

      you don’t wanna pay for it, so ur gonna do it yourself? what a moron, yes, maybe you’ll save money by doing it yourself, but you’ll have to pay alot more in medical bills when you totally fuc* it up and it gets a nasty infection. I can’t believe how stupid people are. . . .

    • Olivia says:

      I really don’t suggest that, it’s more likely to get infected if you do it yourself. Mine only cost $30, and it was completely worth it.

      If you are going to do it, you might as well be educated.

      http://www. bmezine. com/pierce/05-lips/A60916/lipdiymo. html
      http://www. theupinsmokeshop. com/diymonroekit. html

    • jonshollisterchick says:

      i dont think that you want to do it yourself it is in a very sensitive part of your face many nerve endings and vessels it would be very dangerous to do it there if you hit one it will cost you more to go have you face fixed then it would to just let someone do it for you but when you do get it done it will take 3-4 weeks they say longer then that but not really

    • catherine_knott says:

      You don’t, you should always have a professional do any and all piercings. If you want to do it yourself, get training.

    • Gemma T says:

      go to a pro mate.
      i pierced my ear myself and that was only a lobe and it go so infected it constantly bled, throbbed and hurt. i couldnt sleep on it for ages.
      wasnt worth it – i had to take it out anyway!

    • Stina says:


      If you don’t want to pay for it, save up the money for a while and get it done. If you do it at home, your risk of infection shoots through the roof!! If you do even one thing wrong, you risk getting a keloid, which is a nasty looking bump-like growth that can only be removed with surgery, AND you’ll have to remove the piercing anyway. There are so many dangers involved with self piercing, there’s pretty much no GOOD reason to do it.

      However, I know how stubborn some people can be, so if you DO decide to do it at home, GET A PROFESSIONAL PIERCING KIT. Do NOT NOT NOT do it with some ice and a needle, it’s pretty much a death wish. Look around on some websites for kits if you decide to, but the 100% recommended advice from anybody who knows anything about healthy piercings is gonna be, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF AND GET A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER!

    • Ilyzzuhhh says:

      ok 1) thats a sensitive area for a do it yourselfer.
      2) your gunna look like you have a big silver mole.

    • elleilicious says:

      Seriously, think of what it would do to your face if it got infected! Jeez.
      Have it done professionally, even if you have to wait a while and save up for it, it will be worth it!

    • harley says:

      I’m doing mine this Friday my mom is piercing it with a piercing gun with a clean piercing and she will wash her hands don’t touch the piercing unless you wash ur hands n don’t let anyone else touch it make sure to use a cotten swab to push the skin away from the piercing everyday and you’ll be fine and wash it daily :)

    • chelsy says:

      you guys are all morons! I just pierced my monroe by myself and it’s fine. Get some education on it first of course but yes it’s easy. Sterlize needle good, clean desired area, and stick the needle through. 6-8 weeks to heal :)

    • Tiffanywonderland says:

      I got mine done two weeks ago but then went to a hospital and had to take it out…. But this morning i pierced it and theres a little swelling ive pierced both of the second holes n my ear n no infections at all… If ur gunna do it have a friend put it through while u hold ur lip… And use oral gel to numb it ..mmmm and make sure you get a big lip piercing while its healing so it wont stay swollen long n clean it every hour to evry time u eat or touch it good luck

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