• Can’t unscrew ball to my industrial piercing?

    So I just got my industrial done a few weeks ago, I’m not planning on changing it soon, but I can’t even get the ball unscrewed in the first place.
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    5 thoughts on “Can’t unscrew ball to my industrial piercing?

    • crazzy_nascar_chick says:

      Rip a paper towel in half and use it to grip both balls.

      Or try latex gloves.

    • chickin says:

      try pliers on the ball, they are hard to grip so try that if not the pliers will be good to cut it off

    • Fast Kitty says:

      Two pairs of pliers and a friend with a steady hand :)

    • Emily says:

      Rub a little lotion around the base of the ball, make sure the ball and your hands aren’t slick, and have a pair of strong hands at your disposal.

      I advice you don’t use pliers, if you jerk on the piercing at all in the wrong direction, it can cause severe complications.

      Hope I helped:)

    • April_V says:

      Do NOT use pliers. Just think about what could go wrong there.

      Use your hands. Make sure your finger and the ball are both very dry. Grasp both ends of it firmly and twist the end of the one that’s supposed to come off. The key is not to jerk it, but to slowly increase pressure so you stay in control. You do not want to let your hand slip and rip it out of your ear. If you can’t seem to get any friction and it slips over your fingers try a pair of close-fitting rubber gloves (new, clean ones, not the ones you use to wash the dishes every day).

      If all else fails go back to the piercer who did it and get him to unscrew it, not your friend. His hand is well-practiced with finesse tasks like this, your friends is not. The piercer ought to do it for free, and it’ll only take a second.

      Unless the metal is causing your trouble and you want to try a different kind of metal, do not remove the jewelry until the piercing is totally healed.

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